Friday, August 21, 2009

Our weird little cute little 5 month old!

So Lydia is a very interesting child. She does things her own way and if you look at the two posts after this one, you'll see what I mean. However, she is so good and so fun and so cute! Here are her age 5 months activities.
She loves riding on Daddy's shoulders and eating his hair until it's dripping wet with slobber.

She has also grown in two little teeth. Her Aunt Ashley is proud of her early teeth development. I'm telling you it's that big brain in her big head ;) We have discovered her dislike for the vegetable green beans. This is her face before she gags. We had to wrap her arms in a blanket so she wouldn't get green beans everywhere. First we take away the freedom of arm-movement and next we try to shove disgusting food down her throat. She pretty much hated us.She smiles a lot. It makes us smile a lot :) And she loves hanging out with Mommy the bestest. Who wouldn't love hanging out with someone who has a face like this? I sure do! Soon she'll have lived half a year. That seems so short and long at the same time! I hope I get many more half birthdays to come. Love you Lydie!

Our Little Velociraptor

When Lydia learns how to do something, she doesn't stop. So when she learned how to growl, she never stopped. Instead of classic baby babble, she growls to us. She growls when she wakes up and during the day and before she goes to bed. It is slowly starting to fade into a puppy dog whine that she recently learned so I made sure to try and capture the growl on film. This is a very short clip of her growls.

Now you get the point. She's been called by different random people a lionness, a monster, and a velociraptor. It fits. It just makes me laugh to think my cute little lady would end up with those particular nicknames. That's why I love her :)

Our Little Hypochandriac

Lydia is so funny. She has discovered how to fake cough, sneeze, and wheeze. I'm glad I was finally able to capture it on video. Anyone that doesn't know her would think she has some serious allergies. What's also funny, is the constant kicking in the bouncing chair. It's fun watching Lydia discover how to do new things because you can bet she'll do them over and over and over again :)