Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Because my family lives in Washington state, it is tradition to fly up there each Christmas. This year was a little difficult because I was eight-and-a-half months pregnant. So the concept of flying this late in pregnancy and the risk of going into labor in Washington had me questioning whether I would be spending my first Christmas away from my family. Well, that thought also wasn't acceptable to me.

So... against doctor's orders, and the advice of many around me, I embarked on a dangerous mission to spend an entire week in Washington. I may have been dialated to a 2 and 70% effaced, but that doesn't stop a girl who's made up her mind. (Ok, it did have me questioning my sanity and smartness, and I did have to call my mom for much reassurance, and I may have called the trip off a few times, but really- underneath it all- I had made up my mind) And the trip was SO worth it! I had the best time and loved every minute up there. I miss my family so much while I'm away so I soak in every second I can. Here are some of the awesome things we did.
We decorated a gingerbread house, and a gingerbread train. Here is the decorating crew. My two brothers took over the train, and thanks to some gummy army men, they made quite a gruesome scene. Us girls covered every square inch of our sides of the house in candy and frosting :)
We also had a Christmas baking day. Here are the main bakers in front of our tables of goodies. We made toffee, three different kinds of cookies, chocolate pretzels, and some oreo balls. We then, with the rest of the family, made up Christmas plates and took them caroling to neighbors. With our whole family we had a big group and sounded pretty good singing, I think we impressed some people.
We also went and saw Christmas lights at the zoo. Brigham had fun petting a goat.
Here is an awesome green and purple tree at the zoo lights, my two favorite colors.
We always act out the Christmas Nativity. This is a shot of the wise men. Notice Sadie wrapped in a leopard snuggie, riding Kyle-supposed to be a camel- who is also wrapped in a leopard snuggie. We come up with the best costumes :)                               
Lydia on Christmas morning next to her Lego blocks and stocking loot.
This is the only happy shot I could get of Lydia on Christmas because she was so crabby all morning. We ended up putting her back to bed and she slept for a few hours. Guess Lydia isn't into the whole waking up early Christmas morning thing.

A couple of the other fun things we did include having a Joseph Smith Birthday Party on Joseph Smith's birthday. We had a quiz about Joseph Smith, watched a movie about his life, and even ate an ice-cream-cake made for him. We also played basketball at the church. I even played and did pretty well for a very pregnant women. We played Rock Band, lots of card games, and ate our faces off. It was nice because we were also able to be there when my brother, Scott, was ordained an Elder. Thanks to my Mom who spoils us all like crazy on Christmas and to both my parents for feeding and housing us the whole week.

So, after a few contractions, and a flight-from-hell back to Utah (it was delayed an hour, very late at night with one very tired, cranky Lydia, and heat so high I thought I was going to barf) and a week of great times, I accomplished my mission of one fantastic trip and zero babies being born. So, note to desperate pregnant women, flying will not put you in labor-despite what everyone says- so don't waste your money.

It was so nice relaxing and spending time with my family. It was an amazing Christmas. Now I have a new year and a new baby to prepare for!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


 I was preparing our hospital bags the other day to get ready for when little Ammon comes in a couple weeks and I pulled a few of the newborn-size diapers out of the package. Well lets just say that I'm used to much bigger diapers because I was shocked when the diaper just suddenly ended. I sat there and stared at this teeny-tiny diaper and was amazed. Lydia actually fit into something this small? She is now in size four diapers and they are HUGE compared to the newborn ones. Usually when you pull one of her diapers out it just keeps coming and coming and coming, these little ones just stop.
Here is a newborn size next to Lydia's diaper. In person, the difference is even more apparent. I realized that I have totally forgotten how small newborns are. It's also amazing how something like a newborn diaper can be so adorable. I wanted to cart it around all day staring at it. I can't believe I'm soon going to have two kids in diapers. Diapers, diapers everywhere. We have been trying to stock up for the little guy and you can tell when you enter Lydia's room because it's full of packages of DIAPERS!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How Many Licks Does it Take

To Get To the Center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

Well for Lydia . . . not that many.
 We gave Lydia her first sucker the other day to entertain her while we played a card game. It was the last piece of candy from her Halloween stash. She LOVED it. (Well duh Mom). Here we can join in with her and her first lollipop journey. Prepare to see some cuteness.

After her first mouthful of her Banana Tootsie Pop, (weird flavor huh?) Lydia immediately gave this face which she makes to show she is pleased.
Then . . . she kept eating her sucker with the same silly grin on her face.

And here is our final result .... an I LOVE CANDY face.
So pretty much we learn that Lydia loves candy and it makes her really happy ...and silly. She ate the sucker so fast! Seriously. We were surprised how fast she made it to the tootsie roll in the center. I was nervous about the huge mess she would make so we kept her in her high-chair. The only mess we ended up with was a dribble of sticky drool down her chin. I still would be nervous to let her run around with one, however. 

I don't know how you can look at that last picture and not break out in a silly grin yourself. :)