Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where did my baby go?

Lydia is seven months now and I took pictures of her playing in the bath the other day. Then as I was looking through old pictures and saw how much she's changed, I became really sad. Where did my baby go? She used to be so small and cute and now she's so big and funny (and still cute). I miss having my little Lydi. Here is a picture for comparison.

Isn't it so crazy?! Now she's sitting up in the tub and splashing and playing, where before she would just lay there quietly and try to figure out what was going on. I do love seeing her grow and experience the thrill of watching her learn new things and discover life. Here are some fun new facts about her now...
She loves to drum. She'll slap her hands on anything and will hit objects with toys to see how it sounds. She loves shaking toys to a beat.
Lydia loves the kitchen floor. She'll scoot from the carpet to the hard tile so she can bang her hands on it and roll around. I don't understand this because she bangs her head... a lot.
She does NOT wake up well from evening naps, I try to avoid her taking them at all costs.
She smiles with her mouth as wide open as possible.
I can't laugh at anything on TV because it makes her cry hysterically, as if I just yelled rather than laughed. It's weird and a little bothersome, you'd think she'd like laughing.
She doesn't babble around other people often, but at home she's all about making weird noises.
She hates getting her clothes changed.
She is fascinated by TV commercials. . . .perhaps the catchy tunes? I have to turn her high chair away from the TV or she's too distracted to eat (hmm already like her father) and she still strains to look around the back of her chair to catch a glimpse.
Jumping and bouncing are her favorite, especially on Daddy's shoulders.
She carries around cloth items in her mouth like a momma bear.
Lydia HATES when you leave her in her high chair and walk out of the room. Expect hysterics, even if you're gone for two seconds. You've damaged her for life and she'll let you know it for the next half hour. . .even after she's calmed down, between bites of food the fake cry will continue- after all, you did leave her alone in her high chair.
No one can figure out her eye color because it's still hasn't changed from the baby blue/gray. I personally hope it never does and I say the color of her eyes are slate.
She's the most fun and laughs I've ever had.
She doesn't smile for other people very often, just stares with her eyebrows furrowed in a very inquisitive look.
I could keep going because I love talking about her, but I'll just end with this ...
She's finally getting long enough hair to give her crazy hairdos in the tub :)

I love you Lydi bug!

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Einstein Baby

The other day I went to DI and bought Lydia some new toys that she needed desperately. After cleaning them up, she began to play and this one immediately became her favorite. After she watched me messing around with it for a little while, she just started closing them all by herself. I was so surprised. She can't figure out how to open them yet but I was pretty impressed with her figuring out how to close them.

I thought she was so smart after watching her do this, and had to take a video. Maybe she's not extra smart and any average 7 month old can do this, but I'm the proud first time mommy and she's my little genuis! I don't know why the video loaded fuzzy but you get the point...

Lydia's Prey

Lydia loves playing monster and one of her favorite things to do is to "attack" her burp rag. She grabs it and chomps down really hard on it. You can see the devilish glimmer in her eye while she does so. She also likes to play with it trapped in her mouth. Here you can see her admist her toys with her burp rag hanging off her two teeth. What I find funny is that her burp rag is her most favorite thing and sometimes when she plays with it in her mouth, it's as if she's the mother lion carrying around her cub in her mouth. Or perhaps her hands are busy and she must have possesion of it at all times and only her mouth is available. All I know is that she sleeps with it, eats with it, plays with it, attacks it, and carries it around non-stop.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ruffle Rump!

Lydia looked so cute in her ruffles at church the other day, I just had to take pictures. She's already seven months now and is so much fun! You really can't beat a little girl in ruffles, especially my little girl :) Everyone at church commented on how especially cute she looked and I was just the proud mommy who smiled and said thank you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Model in Training

The other day after getting back from a walk, I put Lydia in her chair and this is how she ended up sitting. She clearly wanted me to take her picture. It was as if she were saying "Mom, look how great I look in these socks and my beach hat." I laughed pretty hard and she kept just staring at me like "What's you're problem?" Oh my little model, you are going to cause me trouble, I can tell!

First 5k and BYU vs Colorado State

Last weekend Brigham and I had a VERY busy Saturday. We woke up at 5:30am so we could be down in Provo in time for me to check in for my very first 5k, the BYU Alum Run. I was very nervous and excited for this race. My normal run is 2.3 miles while a 5k is 3.1 miles. I knew I could do it, I just didn't want to look pathetic or come in last. I had my friends Brittany and Katrina do it with me and I also paid the fifteen dollars that it cost. Once I paid I knew I wouldn't back out because it's against every thing I know to waste good money. Anyways we arrived and we were ready to go. I even got a number and everything! I felt so official. :)
The race was hard because it was around the BYU campus which is FULL of hills but I finished in 32 minutes which was under the goal I had set for myself of 35 minutes (remember I'm only a beginner). I also came in the top ten of the girls of my division (ages 20-29). Awesome Katrina got first, finishing in 24 minutes (holy cow girl!) and Brittany got sixth, finishing in 28 minutes (I got wasted by a pregnant girl :)). It was so much fun and I felt so good about myself afterwards! I loved having Brigham and Lydia there to be my cheerleaders as I crossed the finish line! After the race I hurried and showered in order to make it to the temple before the football game. When Brigham and I have a day together we have to fit in the temple! So we drove Lydia to my Uncle's in Springville, raced back to Provo and did a session with Brittany and Scott. Then we raced back to Springville, picked up Lydia, hurried back to Provo and dropped Lydia off with Brittany and Scott who watched her during the football game. She was passed around a lot that day. We met up with Katrina and were pretty exhausted by time BYU started playing Colorado State but soon we got into the energy of the game. Despite a few fun trick plays and a couple beautiful passes, BYU didn't look as good as I hoped for but we won and it was fun. Afterwards, we did a little grocery shopping with Katrina and then finally headed home around ten. It was a long, successful, tiring day!