Saturday, May 15, 2010

Graduation Ceremony

Brigham is soon going to be done with his Bachelor's degree in August and the ceremony for his achievements was on May 9th. Brigham didn't want to attend his graduation but his good wife insisted that he would be grateful he went and took pride in his success. Also, it would be a good example for his children as they one day look at the pictures. There were times during the six hours we were there, that I may have regretted my demand of attending, but over all it was so worth it! I felt so happy for Brigham and his accomplishments and I was grateful that we were there celebrating.
These are the graduates filing in. John Huntsman Jr. spoke at the commencement ceremony and he gave an excellent speech Brigham truly enjoyed.
Lydia did really well for the first ceremony that everyone attended, but by Brigham's individual department of Humanities commencement she was ready to get out of there! Luckily, she was manageable. After she had eaten through her cheerios, pretzels, and graham crackers she ran around, tore a whole in her tights, and made her mom very tired with her whiny demands for freedom.
Overall she was very good for a one-year-old sitting through five hours of ceremony. This shows two of Brigham's greatest achievements, his degree and his daughter. What a good man and daddy!
Brigham with his Mom and daughter. It was good to have lots of support from family.
Of course, most people know that we, in general, dislike the University of Utah. While they provided a decent and convenient education, BYU is like a BILLION times better :) So we sat in the Y section and got our pictures taken next to the big Y to show our true loyalties. It was hard seeing so much red and black; it hurt my eyes. But an education is an education.
This is Brigham with his dad and brother, Jake. Jake swore after it was all over that he would never go to another college graduation again. Haha, I know how you feel Jake, but it's good to honor our family!
Our cute little family next to the "Y". Congrats Brigham/Daddy, we love you!
I bought Lydia a new toy that would hopefully entertain her a little longer during the graduation and this little graduation owl was cute and fit the occasion.  She really enjoyed it :)
Congrats on all your hard work Brigham, you've come so far and I know you'll do great things. I hope you find your passion and enjoy doing whatever you do as you work hard. I am excited to take the ride with you and work together on the rest of our lives! Love you!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Lydia loves her bath and will play in the tub for a long time. One day when I got her ready for her bath and we were waiting for her tub to finish filling, I turned around and she just grinned at me and I thought she was too adorable to not document. With her hair out of its recent pigtails and just in a diaper, Lydia excitedly chatted as she followed me around while I prepared her bath. She just looks like a cute happy little girl with her messy hair, and I love this picture :) You can tell she's trying to take off her diaper so she's completely bath ready.
Here you can kind of see her cute pot belly as she runs around the house. She's got a nice buddha belly that sticks out nice and round. We love it :)