Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Zoo Trip

We went to the zoo in the morning on Memorial Day. It was Lydia's first trip. She slept through half of the trip, not that she would pay attention to the animals anyway. Brigham and I had a lot of fun looking at the animals and we got some good close-up views of some of them.

You can see Lydia sleeping, Daddy with baby at the Madagascar exhibit, and Mommy prepared for the day.

Brigham and I measuring up against the gorilla. I think I beat everyone in massiveness.

The peacock was trying to attract females, it looked awesome with its feathers spread out so wide. It was huge! Even though it's a small bird, if it came at me with its feathers spread out big, I think I would run away very afraid! At the gorilla exhibit, I always remember the year my family went to the zoo and my mom sat my brother Ryan on the fence. His shoe fell off into the gorilla cage. I always wonder what happened to that long-lost shoe when we visit the Hogle Zoo gorillas.

Here are a couple close-ups of the cats. For the first cat, (I forget what it's called) it sat right up next to the fence and we could have reached out to touch it. We felt like keeping all of our fingers, though. For the cheetah, some zoo workers were working on the grounds and walked close to the cage. The cheetah sure didn't like it, hissed really loud, (it was awesome) and then started pacing angrily. I was glad they annoyed the cheetah because it made for awesome pictures and entertainment. The cheetah really is a beautiful animal!
One of the funniest animals were the penguins. They kept bending over the water like they were going to jump in and then they would back off at the last second. Everyone would get excited and then be disappointed. Brigham and I decided the penguins were doing it on purpose for their own entertainment. As if they were saying to each other, "Watch these dumb people get really excited when we pretend like we're going to jump." It really was funny because they really seemed to be toying with everyone. Finally, one jumped in just as all the people were starting to get bored. I think the penguin wanted to be the star of the show. Then all the other penguins got jealous and jumped in too so the first one wouldn't have all the glory. We had a great time watching them and seeing them waddle around.

Last, but not least, the bears and the rhino. I decided the rhino looked nice and I wanted to be its friend. No one ever wants to be friends with a rhino so it must get lonely, so I will be its friend. The bears are Brigham's favorite animal so I had to include a picture for him. We loved going to the zoo together and look forward to many fun trips as family in the future! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Standing in the Line

Well Brigham's brother, Sam, got married this weekend. It was a nice wedding and a beautiful day. Brigham was a groomsmen and I was a bridesmaid. It was interesting with both of us standing in the line. There was a slight dress fiasco and it was a challenge to perform line duty and mom duty at the same time, but we survived. We are so happy for them and hope they are enjoying their honeymoon.

Here is my purple bridesmaid dress with Brigham in his tux. We had fun showing Lydia to the guests.

Brigham got to dance with Lydia for the daddy-daughter dance. They both looked so cute together and Brigham couldn't stop raving about how much he loved dancing with her. You can see Brigham's mom dancing with her dad in one of the pictures.

Another fun part of the wedding was getting to know Brigham's family that lives out of state. They were so fun and have the cutest kids. These are Brigham's brothers and sister that live out of state with their spouses after the wedding ceremony.

And of course here are the stars of the show. They both looked great and seemed so happy to finally get married. Congrats Sam and Caitlin!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Bountiful Temple

So Brigham and I finally we able to make it back to the temple since I've had Lydia. We went to the Bountiful Temple. Our soon-to-be sister-in-law, Caitlin, received her endowments and we arrived early so we took some pictures of the pretty grounds.

There is the B for Bountiful

Here are our faces messing up the beauty surrounding us.

The flowers still had dew on them!

I just love the red blossoms on the tree. It was gorgeous!

The view of the valley from the temple. It was such a lovely day and it was great to be able to attend the temple again!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lots of Lydia

Ok so this blog is probably going to end up with a trillion pictures of Lydia because, well, she is the focus of our lives right now and we are the classic obsessive first time parents. Hopefully, we won't neglect the picture taking of future children. So here are some more pictures of Lydia from Easter and other events. It's ok if you get bored of them, I, as her mother, love them.
These are the best Easter ones. I had fun tearing apart the house trying to get these great, outstanding photos I had envisioned and ending up with these ones. Brigham came home from a church meeting and thought I had lost it when he saw the living room a gigantic mess and our daughter sitting there with a giant orange bow on her head. He admits that he likes the pictures and Lydia and I had tons of fun! She especially liked kicking the plastic Easter eggs.

So, with these pictures she is dipicting her male-pattern-baldness. The first picture shows how much hair she had at the beginning. I do say that she can pull it off, and soon all babies will be following the new trend. Plus, with those eyes and that face, heck, who needs hair?! :)
And now the latest pictures. The first one, she is in a dress I wore as a little baby. She reminds me of a cute little doll. The second one, we put a fever bug on her forehead because she was acting funny and was really hot so I was worried she was sick. The bug is supposed to tell you her temperature. She was fine. And finally, she looked so cute in her pink outfit I took a picture. Her strawberry hemangioma (essentially a birthmark that grows until they are about six months old) is getting so big on her head now and you can see it in this picture. It kind of just looks like a big red goose egg on the top of her head. I always have to assure everyone that I don't hurt my baby.

Well that's it for now, you can see more on facebook. Lots of Lydia. I have even more for the future so be prepared! :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our first blog EVER!

So I decided that it's time to start blogging. I guess this will help with the lack of journal-keeping that goes on in our apartment, and this way we will be able to record our memories somewhat. Plus, I feel like I have something to blog about now that we have Lydia. Brigham and I have been trying to get the layout and other aspects of this blogging down, but we have much to learn I'm afraid. Anyways, for our first post I figure I better back-date and fill in what has happened in our Tappana family lives. First Brigham and I became engaged . . .

Then of course we got married . . .

and it was wonderful! . . .

Then we did fun things like go to BYU football games (go Cougars!!) . . .

and have our annual Halloween parties . . .

then we celebrated our first year anniversary by eating some of our frozen wedding cake . . .

I became pregnant . . .

and then we had our baby daughter Lydia on 3/6/09.
She was (and still is) beautiful, weighing 7lbs 14 ounces.
Next we had her baby blessing . . .and now we are a cute little family of three :)

So that is the update for now. Of course I'll have more pictures of Easter and Lydia's month marks to catch up fully. But this is good enough for now! There, our first official family blog is done. And it is late, Goodnight :)