Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bad Mommy and Daddy

As Brigham and I were getting ready for Church one Sunday, an accident happened at our house. Brigham was watching Lydia while she was eating her bottle on our bed. Well Brigham got a little distracted as she was eating and came into the kitchen to talk to me. I forgot to remind him to go back into the bedroom to make sure Lydia wouldn't roll off the bed. As we were talking, Lydia finished her bottle and did, indeed roll off the bed. We heard a loud bump and sudden crying. The feeling you get when you hear that is awful! We ran in the bedroom, I grabbed her and she calmed down pretty fast. We were pretty scared because when we found her she was lying on the leg of our desk that sits on the floor so we searched her little body to make sure she was ok. We then noticed that the dark red mark on her cheek. We also noticed she wouldn't open her eye. She then started heaving like she was going to throw up. I laid her on the changing table and she closed both eyes and acted like she was going to sleep. I started to panic and tried to keep her awake and open her eye. As I tried to open her eye, all I could see was darkness and I thought that I had blinded my daughter by neglect and that she also had a concusion. I was so afraid even though Brigham says I seemed really calm. Then suddenly she opened both eyes and whined a little. After a couple of minutes watching her I realized she was ok, just a little shocked. Her eye was swollen and she had a huge red line running down her cheek that later turned into an array of colors (black, blue, green, and orange). It was an awful experience and we were late to church (one of my huge pet-peeves), but after six days she was completely healed. It's crazy how fast babies heal! These pictures are a couple days after the incident and don't show how bad it looked at first. We don't leave her on the bed anymore (especially Dad because he was more traumatized than Lydia was!) and I'm so glad she's ok! We both felt like horrible parents even though I'm sure worse things have happened. I do not look forward to the next accident!

The High Chair

We finally got a highchair from one of my friends at work and this is Lydia's first time eating in it. I know it's hard to tell but actually she looked really small compared to the highchair. She didn't know what to think at first but now she really enjoys her chair and it sure beats trying to feed her while she kicks in her bouncy chair! She had her rice cereal and her butternut squash, if you couldn't tell

She eventually got back to her usual ways of playing her favorite game, monster, and attacking mommy. As you can see I was terrified. It's great watching her grow into new and different things but part of me misses her being small.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jumpin' Jellyfish!

Lydia loves her jumper chair. She especially loves to hold something in her hand that can clank loudly while she jumps. She'll jump like someone's after her, and she'll jump for the longest time. It's quite hilarious!

Another interesting point is that she jumps with her mouth hanging wide open, which you can't see here because the lighting's bad. Because she jumps so much in her chair, it has transferred to other aspects of her life. For example, she likes to try to jump when you are holding her against your hip, when you are helping her stand up, while sitting on Daddy's shoulders, and pretty much any other time she can try. She's our little jumping jelly bean :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Jumping and Whining

Lydia loves to jump in her bouncy chair. She loves to jump when she's not in her bouncy chair. It's her favorite. She also loves to whine like a puppy dog while jumping. Unfortunately, this is the best that I can capture it on film. For some reason, whenever I have the camera out, she stops whining. But she still is cute to watch anyways :)

Lydia's Lover

We have friends in the ward that had a little boy about 4 months after Lydia was born. We watched him one Sunday and Lydia was completely enamored. Instead of her usually hitting, pulling or grabbing patterns, she simply petted his head as if he were a pet. It was so funny and interesting I had to take a picture of it. I think my daughter has a crush already. Oh boy. Poor little baby John, you already have girls chasing after you.

B-b-beautiful B-b-bees B-b-baseball Game

So we went to Lydia's first baseball game. The Bees were playing and we went with Brigham's side of the family. It was pretty fun. Lydia looked so cute in her little pink jacket.

Here we are as a family enjoying the game.

Even though Brigham doesn't enjoy baseball too much, I know he enjoyed spending time with us.

While at the game, we caught Ashley red-handed in her wild ways. She only lets you talk if she likes what you're saying. Seriously, you'd better be careful or you might find her hand over your mouth. If you don't believe me, see evidence below. . .
The game was a hoot and we had tons of fun. Lydia hated the cheering, loved the lettuce from Tim's taco salad, and enjoyed slobering all over Daddy's hair. The Bee's did lose but we got pizza and hot dogs, so really, nobody loses :D