Monday, December 17, 2012

Welcome Home Jake!

This last Wednesday, a group of Tappanas were all gathered at the airport.

We were there to welcome back Elder Jacob Tappana as he came home from the Toronto, Canada mission.  It was exciting as he got to meet most of his nieces and nephews for the first time.

(Ammon didn't even yell at him!)

And he got to see how big his other nieces had grown.

Aren't they so cute together? Lydia was excited to see her Uncle Jake!

He sure looked good and he sure has grown up too!

The really neat thing is all four of the Tappana brothers wore missionary attire and their missionary name tags.

All four Tappana brothers home after serving honorable missions. If that isn't amazing, I don't know what it. Look at that group of handsome men and think of the good they have done. What an example this is for me and my children. I'm so impressed and grateful!

And despite trials, hardships, and a long road behind her, this woman standing in the middle of them deserves much credit as well. A single mom to these four boys and look what she has to show for herself. I hope that I can have such a positive influence on my boys and that I can be as proud of my children as she has right to be of hers.

I'm grateful to be married to one of those good-looking men and I'm so proud of Jake too. Welcome home!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Ammon Trouble Tappana

My boy sure keeps me on my toes and he's not even two yet! He insanely curious and gets into everything. He also doesn't ever remember or care when you tell him not to mess with something. I've taken to documenting his trouble and I've found I've already got a broad selection of pictures to choose from. So enjoy the following pictures knowing you don't have to deal with this terror.

First of all, my kids share a room and their beds are right next to each other. Ammon's favorite activity is stealing all of Lydia's blankets.

See, he's not even using them. He fell asleep on top of them like this because he was guarding Lydia from taking hers back. How do I know? This happens a lot around here.

See poor Lydia?

Left with only her one blanket. I tell her not to let him take them, but it just keeps happening anyways.

Ammon also likes to play with the one golf club we have in the house. He knows exactly where it is and how to get to it. I would let him, except he likes to bang it on the walls, people, and other valuable objects. He always gets in trouble every time he gets it out and yet I often find him dragging it around the house. This is him putting it back away after being caught.

Another object that Ammon loves is the toilet brush. I have found him playing with it, making a mess with it, scrubbing with it, and worst of all sucking on it. I had them hidden for a long time, but he obviously found my spot. Time to move it again.

This boy has started climbing and found out the computer desk has lots of fun things for him to play with. I've found him with scissors, pens, my camera, etc. The one time I didn't catch him, this is what happened:

Notice the marker on his hands? If you look closely you can still see some on his face (I had already cleaned most of it off) and what you can't see is the marker on his white sleeves and other parts of his shirt.

He also made a beautiful design on the computer chair and desk:

Luckily, I was able to get it off my desk. The first layer came off with rubbing alcohol, the second with WD-40, and the third, stubborn layer finally came off with toothpaste. It took a lot of scrubbing and internet research. The computer chair was easily cleaned with rubbing alcohol, so I lucked out there.

I actually caught him when I heard him getting into my library book (he always likes to pull my bookmark out, the little stinker) so I peaked around the corner expecting to see him with my bookmark in hand, but instead I saw him with his tongue poking out of his mouth in deep concentration, and a nice scribble happening on the cover page of the book. He was creating art. Sadly, I could not get this stain out with rubbing alcohol.

I also later found marker on my bedspread. Only a few marks - nothing horrible - but exasperating nonetheless. I wasn't able to get it all out of his shirt or my bedspread but I feel lucky that that's all that remains. I did later find him climbing on the desk for the permanent maker again. You can bet he got in trouble!

Ammon also likes to help with the dishes:

And Christmas tree his AUNT'S house:

He also enjoys climbing to where he shouldn't be to give his mother a heart-attack, while ruining all of his sister's stickers. His only response is to simply hand me the bag and wait for me to help him down.

But THE worst thing that he has EVER done was eat the LAST piece of emergency chocolate in my chocolate stash.

This boy found my last fun-size pack of peanut butter M&M's that I have been saving for just the right moment, and chewed through the package to get to the candy. I don't share peanut-butter M&M's. They are mine. And Ammon ate the last pack. 

He also just showed me how messy he was, rather than feel sorry about it at all.

In fact, I thing he was happy with his good work.

At least, until Mommy gave him the what-for.

I still mourn those M&M's. The were ruined so young. My tongue never even tasted of their goodness.

You can bet he ended up in time-out...a place that he frequents of late. In fact I think I'm going to have to change his punishment up because it seems as though he's been enjoying it too much lately:

And I've only started taking pictures over the past two weeks. Heaven help me. It's a good thing he's so cute, otherwise I might trade him in. Good luck to all the other mothers of toddlers out there, I feel your pain.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free Zoo Day

My sister-in-laws and I recently got together for free zoo day. It was a blast! The kids loved the animals and were pretty well behaved I thought.

With two double strollers and Abby kickin' it in her single, we packed them around across the park.

I knew the Christmas spirit was getting to Lydia when she asked if we could see the reindeer :) She also specifically asked to see monkeys and so I was happy that one of the monkeys decided to put on a good show for us.

That's Lydia and Emmy watching the monkey who hooted and hollered and yelled the entire time we were at the zoo. It was loud! We could hear it across the park as we checked out the other animals. The kids (and adults) were entranced by his fussing and swinging about.

I took a picture of the bears for Brigham since they are his favorite animal and he couldn't come that day. So there you go dear, proof I was thinking of you. Also, I was missing my sister Kayleen, otherwise known as the bear whisperer. I was wishing she were there to scream to send the bears charging at us and standing on their back haunches (true story. she never fails in Washington).

I think the kids most enjoyed the reptile building where we let them run about free since strollers aren't allowed (except for the rebel Ashley :)).

I know Ammon and Abby sure were happy for some freedom. Even if it is just to look at some weird ol' porcupines.

But we had a great day at the zoo and a delicious lunch afterwards at Moochies downtown. It was a fantastic time! We even got a picture of all the cousins (minus baby Jackson) looking at the camera. Double fantastic! Can't wait for another free zoo day to roll around :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Brigham Turns Five!

Last week my husband's birthday rolled around. Unfortunately, everyone, except him, was sick and so our celebrations weren't quite up to par. In fact Lydia and I didn't even eat that night due to a stomach bug and I barely managed was to put together some Thanksgiving left-overs for him to eat. Then we put some candles into left-over pie and sang him a happy birthday.

Brigham tells people I have brainwashed Lydia into believing he's only four (now five) but I say how can you brainwash someone the truth? She was very excited that he was turning five and helped me count the candles for the pie. She knows when Dad says he's really twenty-eight to shake her head because he's is just being silly!

Even though the birthday dinner was sub-par we did manage to have some pretty good gifts to give. Lydia really wanted to give him a new computer and asked for weeks to give Dad a new computer, but since he got one at his new job, she relented to give him something else. I thought it was sweet she was so concerned about his birthday gift.

Ammon liked handing over a present as well.

Even though he was more interested in Dad reading him books.

And yes, his presents are wrapped in a cut up brown paper bag. Like I said, not at the top of my game last week.

His big present was his suit and wool coat being dry-cleaned (finally). Who knew dry-cleaning was so expensive? But now his suit no longer has baby snot all over it and his coat that was "missing! It's just gone! I can't find it anywhere! I'm serious!" ended up being found after all :)

And if you think that's a boring present, it's what he specifically requested. He also got new toothbrush heads. That's how we roll around here. But don't worry he got a movie, headphones, and new pants, and some delicious pistachio nuts as well.

And even though he ended up doing homework the rest of the night, he got to go to a basketball game the next night with a friend and I made up for the crappy dinner with Tucano's later that week. So hopefully this Birthday Boy is happy. He sure deserved a good birthday for all his hard work and I hope this next year is fabulous!

Love you Brigham. Happy Birthday.