Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Out of the Mouth of Lydia

As Lydia grows she sure comes up with some funny things to say. She's too smart for her own good and when she plays I am fascinated listening to her conversations. Here are some of the amusing things she has said lately:

Me: How about you? How are you doing?
Lydia: I'm ok. Just my toes are feeling tired.

Lydia: When you mix pink and purple it makes brightening.
Me: Brightening?! What's brightening?
Lydia: (said in a exasperated tone) When you mix pink and purple!

Singing along and listening to the theme song of the TV show Dinosaur Train
Lydia: Dinosaur Train, Gonna ride...the Dinosaur Train.
Me: I'm going to ride the Lydia train. Do you have a train?
Lydia: Shakes her head, grinning.
Me: No?! Then what am I supposed to ride?
Lydia: Your rocking chair.

Lydia: (Hurrying really fast to buckle herself into her carseat) I have to go really, really fast!
Me: Why do you have to go so fast?
Lydia: Because it's Fast Sunday!

Me: (Talking to Ammon) Do you want a popsicle for dinner?
Lydia: Tell Mom no because we need to have some protein!

Lydia: Ammon, sweetheart, it's time for your nap...
Ammon: Nooooo!

Now I realize that these might only be funny to me as her mom, but I definitely don't want to forget these moments.

The other incident that shows the true nature of my daughter was two Sundays ago. Apparently she was assigned to give her first talk in Primary. No one notified her parents of this...we had NO idea. However, Sunday morning came and the Primary leader asked Lydia, "Lydia do you have a talk ready for today?" She nodded and went up to the front and proceeded to give a talk on baptism including, "When you are eight, you get baptized and become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." We found all this out AFTER the fact, when the Primary leaders came to report to us during Sacrament Meeting how impressed they were. They said that her talk was only a few sentences long, but that it made sense and was very good for a sunbeam.

That's right. Lydia gave her first talk in Primary all by herself. I am so proud and so sad. I can't believe that I missed it. Isn't that a parental rite of passage to hear your child's first Primary talk? And we missed it. I didn't even get to hear what she came up with. However, I am happy. I'm happy that she apparently listened when I told her that she needs to go up and participate when she is asked to in Primary. I'm happy that she has listened to our Family Home Evening lessons and to her lessons at church, enough to give an intelligent, on topic talk (they are learning about baptism this month in Primary and Lydia was smart enough to center her talk on that topic, I know, it's amazing). What normal four-year-old would be able to come up with an intelligible on-topic talk and give it by herself, on her own, for the very first time? Lydia, that's who.

Though I am sad that I missed it and proud of her, I'm not surprised. This is Lydia up and down: smart, amazing, adorable, and constantly surprising me with her capabilities. She's my girl :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's the Simple Things

Here are some of the things that have made me happy lately:

Going swimming for the first time in our pool at our condo.

Delicious food at a bridal shower. Shower food is the best!

Getting to read more of a really good book series (Delirium if you're interested).

Hooking up speakers to my computer at work so I can listen to my Google play while I work. Now my day goes 80% faster!

Having my husband rub lotion onto my already dry and cracking heels so that I wake up and they are much softer and smoother.

A bowl of cookies and cream ice cream mixed with a heaping spoonful of peanut butter.

Getting my temple recommend renewed all in one shot without having to make a billion different appointments.

An hour and a half long phone call with my mom, just chatting about life. And listening to her and my brothers trying to shoot the rabbits eating her new flowers with an airsoft gun...and missing horribly.

Listening to Lydia speaking her version of Spanish and laughing at the Spanish words she's coming up with. (She's really into the Espanol lately).

Getting a phone bill smaller than normal.

Reserving eight new books to come in at the library.

And this video of my son trying to make it through his broccoli:

Yep, this is Ammon displaying his truest self. A giant ham who constantly makes us all laugh and takes twelve years to eat. And it makes me smile :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lady Lydia

Recently I posted some wedding-retake pictures of Brigham and me. They are awesome. But what I am somewhat more excited about are the pictures that were taken about an hour or so later. You see, I got this idea off pinterest of taking a picture of your daughter in your wedding dress and then giving it to her on her wedding day. Cute, right?

Well since I had my dress out, and a photographer handy, I figured there was no better time. And we got some stunners. Serious stunners.

Of course it does help that Lydia is a beauty herself. These are just two of my favorites, there are many more that I love. It makes me excited to be able to frame these pictures for Lydia on her wedding day and see how much she's evolved from this moment. Excited, and yet content to wait for quite awhile. I'm perfectly happy to keep her in this innocent, beautiful moment for quite some time.

This little lady loved wearing my "princess dress" for the brief time that she was able to.  Dressing up always makes her day. She told me just yesterday, "Mom I like your hair, your earrings, and your makeup." Yep, those are her interests already. And dance.

Lydia just wrapped up another dance class. Unfortunately, she did not enjoy this class as much as her last one and didn't learn nearly as much. The class was too big, with too many distracting kids running out of control. Lydia did a lot of sitting while the teachers tried to wrangle the unruly ones to participate. However, Lydia still got excited every "dance day" and loved the parts when she actually got to do anything.

You can tell by this dance video how much she really got out of the class.

She got to wear her dress/dance leotard, watch other girls do anything but dance...oh yeah, and throw in a couple dance moves too. We just need to find a class with a much smaller volume of kids next time...

I can't believe that I have to start thinking about enrollment in kindergarten with this girl. I shake my head in disbelief. Watch out all you other moms, soon it will be here for you too! For now i'd like to just keep her like this:

Silly, a lover of funny faces, beautiful, smart, and my little girl!