Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just for one minute

It's been a trying year. I'm tired. So tired. Really, I don't have that much to complain about so you probably should stop reading now if you don't want to hear my whining about how bad my pretty good life is. I know I should be looking for the positive in everything, but for just one minute I need to cry about the bad to get it out of my system. Just one minute of it.

I don't want to name of each individual thing that has stressed me out or that has caused such a hard year, because it'll all sound petty and stupid. All I know is that RIGHT now I just don't want to face the rest of this year. I just want to curl up in a ball, pull the covers over my head and ignore everything until it all goes away. I'm tired of wishing that I could go back home to Washington and stay with my family because that's just running away and won't take care of my problems. I'm a big girl now! Now I have a little girl that will run to me with HER problems. I just want some relief. Just one month with no pressure about anything at all. I don't want anything else to drop in my lap, or hit me in the face. As for now, WOE is ME. Wa wa wah wa wa. Sigh.

All right, my minute is up. Sorry guys. Time to keep trucking. What else can I do? Things are good and will get better. Now I don't have to whine to everbody all the time, after all, I just took my one minute. You are all relieved of your sympathetic duties :)


  1. I'm so sorry Kari. Sometimes everything just hits all at once, and I know you are having a hard time. It will get better! Hopefully sooner than later for your sake. Tim and I are remembering you guys in our prayers. Maybe it would be good to take a week and go visit your family. That would be a total stress reliever! You deserve it! :)

  2. Hey lady! are you ok!? Can I do anything to help you out!? Even if you need an afternoon off I can take Lydia for you!!! Please let me know! xoxo