Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pioneer Day 2010

I had a marvelous Pioneer Day this year. With Brigham's family we went to the Red Butte Gardens. It was fun to walk through with family. I became the navigator after finding that those leading with the maps, didn't know how to read maps. So, I snatched one and took charge. I'm good at taking charge. It was a nice walk, as long as it was shaded. It was sort of a bad decision to walk outside around noon, in the middle of July in Utah. But hey, we survived, and enjoyed ourselves. Here's a picture of the fragance garden.
Lydia really enjoyed herself and didn't get sunburned one bit. I tell you what, it's hard to put sun screen on a one-year old that doesn't want to wear sunscreen. When I told my mom of the trouble I had getting it on Lydia she said, "Why don't you buy the spray on sun-screen?" Brilliant idea! Why are moms so smart?
We were taking a shade break.
We also went to Murray Park and had a picnic, waded in the creek, played, and talked. It was nice to relax. Lydia had a blast! She ran around like crazy. This is with her little skirt flipped up on accident. She looked so silly running around that way :) She was too busy having fun to care.
We also went to Moochies for sandwiches, then to Tim and Ashley's for games and root-beer floats. I was exhausted but made it through the entire day! It may have taken me three days to recover but it was worth it :)
Thanks for the fun times everyone!

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  1. It was a fun day, and we all need to do something again soon!