Saturday, December 18, 2010


 I was preparing our hospital bags the other day to get ready for when little Ammon comes in a couple weeks and I pulled a few of the newborn-size diapers out of the package. Well lets just say that I'm used to much bigger diapers because I was shocked when the diaper just suddenly ended. I sat there and stared at this teeny-tiny diaper and was amazed. Lydia actually fit into something this small? She is now in size four diapers and they are HUGE compared to the newborn ones. Usually when you pull one of her diapers out it just keeps coming and coming and coming, these little ones just stop.
Here is a newborn size next to Lydia's diaper. In person, the difference is even more apparent. I realized that I have totally forgotten how small newborns are. It's also amazing how something like a newborn diaper can be so adorable. I wanted to cart it around all day staring at it. I can't believe I'm soon going to have two kids in diapers. Diapers, diapers everywhere. We have been trying to stock up for the little guy and you can tell when you enter Lydia's room because it's full of packages of DIAPERS!!!

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  1. Wow, that is crazy to think they're so so small! And good luck with two in diapers... you could create an attraction out of it. "Diaper Land: come and have an absorbent-ly good time!" :)