Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Soccer Game and Dancing

The other night we decided to take a couple hours from our mundane, hectic lives to enjoy a soccer game with some friends. It was ReAL Salt Lake against the BYU Cougars.

Now normally I am not a big fan of soccer - like at all - but I do love BYU, the game was free, and I wanted to get out with my family for family night. So away we went. Let me tell you, Ammon loved it. In the picture above, Brigham had to forcefully turn his head away from the game just to get a picture.  He was fascinated with men running around kicking a ball and this is the face he sat there watching the game with:

And when a ball got kicked really far, or someone bopped it with their head, his face turned into this:

From smiling, to pure glee.

Lydia enjoyed the game as well, but was more easily bored. She mostly just mooched cotton candy off of people sitting behind us (you know Ammon must have loved the game if he wasn't the one doing the mooching). We had front row seats leading to an interesting moment for Lydia when the ReAL Lion came and gave her a high-five and then carried her off on his shoulder.

She was keeping her cool while on his shoulder, but when he handed her back to me she cried in absolute terror, poor thing. I thought it was awesome and wished a lion could carry me onto the field on his shoulder.

Because of our awesome seats we got to see some pretty cool moves right up and personal.

I have to say, I had a good time, but I still don't find soccer the most entertaining sport ever. People endlessly running around kicking a ball, with hardly anything exciting ever happening, just gets old for me. 

Lydia has also started a new dance class recently.

Unfortunately, she was too far away for me to get any decent shots of her, but that's her in the black leotard.

Ammon was such a good boy sitting through her class. For some reason, he decided to watch Lydia with some other people across the gym.

He just walked over there, laid down and watched the girls and boys dancing. Maybe he is already embarrassed being seen with me.

Or maybe he was mad at me for doing nothing to prevent the sunburn covering half of his body.

If you look at him, you'll notice that the left side of his face and left arm are a different shade than the right side. We went to the park earlier that day and I failed as a mother to bring jackets to shield my children from the freezing wind. And I failed to apply sunscreen even though I had it with me. This poor boy burnt to a crisp on one half of his body. Lydia had some rosy cheeks and arms, but Ammon looked awful and I cringed at what all the other mothers thought of me...though I probably deserved their critical stares.

Let this be a lesson to myself in the future and all other mothers, bringing sunscreen is not the same as applying it. And why do I do this every year? You'd think I'd learn!

However, my kids seem to survive despite my failures and here's a charming movie of them playing Just Dance together. I made Lydia play this song twice so I could video Ammon's monkey sounds and especially his excellent tiger growl. It had both Lydia and me giggling. Not to mention, watching both my children dancing and laughing together warms my heart and reminds me of what being a mom is all about.


  1. oh my gosh lydia is a star! that is sooo cool! so cool about the free soccer game too. i love going to games but man you are brave to take both kiddos

  2. I love Lydia's frightened face as she is on the Lion! Hahahaha! Glad she survived it. And I love that Ammon had such glee during the game. His Uncle Sam would be proud. And it's funny, I'm not a big sports fan, but soccer is the one I actually get into quite a bit.

  3. Those pictures of Ammon with his little sunburn completely crack me up. Poor kid!! But seriously, they're kinda funny :). I can't wait to go to some REAL games! We love those...they're seriously our favorite. I'm a bit jealous knowing you've already been to one...Emmy would have been terrified of their mascot too! Especially if he had picked her up like he picked Lydia up! She would have screamed her guts out!! Hahaha