Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Has Started

And this is how the Tappana household knows:

Evenings at the park with cousins.

And more cousin fun at a summer wedding.

Late night family walks where we accidentally wear matching shirts.

Weekends spent at the pool with Aunt Sadie.

Not making it through lunch because we're so exhausted from having so much fun at the pool.

Frosties at Wendy's (the new waffle cone is DELICIOUS).

Shorter haircuts to keep cool.

Throwing balls and blowing dandelions outside.

And of course fireworks at Taylorsville Dayzz always lets us know that summer is in full swing!

Hooray for more fireworks and fun summer activities to come!


  1. i didnt know about waffle cones at wendys! i have to go try them. and i like your hair, man you are so skinny! you look great!