Saturday, August 3, 2013

Snapshots of the Tappanas

Now that I have a smartphone, I find that I take quite a few random pictures and I don't do as much posting because I don't really have a theme or event. So instead I'll just start posting my random pictures that represent what's going on in our lives.

Brigham and I used a Groupon for a movie and popcorn. I was so excited because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE movie popcorn and never get it because it's so expensive. I was so excited that I didn't eat beforehand to make sure I wasn't too full to eat the popcorn. Bad idea. I only made it one-third of the way through the bag before I was so, so sick and couldn't eat anymore.

My kiddos love to walk around in our shoes. I always walk in my room and find our shoes scattered all over the place.

 We went on an over-nighter camping trip with the Young Women, and waking up to find my babies cuddling together, sleeping, was the BEST. Truly an "Awww" moment.

While we were at said camping trip, our air conditioner decided to malfunction and run all night long, despite being set at a high temp. We had to manually turn it off once we got home. The second we opened the door I knew something was wrong because it was SO cold in our house. My kids cried in the tub because they were freezing. It was pretty funny to be wearing sweaters in our house in the middle of the summer. We still haven't gotten the bill. I'm afraid.

For Family Home Evening we made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for me to bring to my visiting teaching families.

On Pioneer Day we tried out Seven Peaks Fun Center in Lehi. The race cars were a little loud for Ammon, and he rode like this the entire way.

Ammon stood there so proud that he could straddle the hallway by standing on the rugs, and wouldn't move until I took his picture. This boy sure is a character!

Of course Lydia wanted a picture too, but she didn't quite get what the point was...

Brigham turned in his last assignment for his master's program so we celebrated by getting slurpees for the kids, going on a walk, and then using a buy one get one free coupon at Coldstone for Brigham and I while we watched a Redbox. Sounds like a simple celebration, but it was lovely! It was what we were never able to do because Brigham was always doing homework. And now he's done! Yay!

And that's what's been going on for us in July. Stay posted because August is promising to be interesting :)


  1. i didnt know brigham was getting his masters- thats awesome!! and awesome for you bc then you get your husband back from school. oh my goodness im feeling your pain for your ac- our bill was $200 last month and $150 the month before- summer is the worst!

  2. I'm still wondering how much that electric bill was after your house was at 55 degrees. That's crazy!!! We have our house set to 78 degrees all the time, and I'm freaked out about how high our bill is going to be. I can't imagine. Hopefully it's not too bad. It was only just a few days right? Miss you guys! Hope all is well!