Thursday, November 7, 2013

October Extras

Besides Halloween and trips to pumpkin patches, here's some captured moments of our lives from October:

Aunt Kayleen celebrated her eighth birthday.

Ammon decorated my hand so beautifully during conference.

Although Brigham graduated in August, we FINALLY got his diploma and celebrated his Master's Degree being all official and everything.

We enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL fall colors around here. Trees were all four colors at once: bright red, green, yellow, and orange.

We even took walks and collected leaves.

And we enjoyed the being outdoors after exercise class, with our friends.

Ammon decided to try on some impromptu costumes when he saw everyone else going through the costume box. "Wear hat, momma. Wear hat."

And that's sums up what we've missed. October has been a pretty good month!


  1. Looks like your October has been really good!! I also feel like I haven't been able to blogstalk you forever due to my internet being out for a whole week now. Tomorrow we will get back to our regularly scheduled stalking time. :) Miss you, Brigham, and your cute kids faces.

  2. You guys are having soooo much fun it seems! I really missed your Halloween party this year. Tim and I didn't even dress up once. How lame is that? We miss you guys tons!! Give the kids hugs for me!!