Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Month in Review: March

March started out great with our friends' princess party that Lydia and Ammon were able to attend.

Although Lydia looks like the birthday girl, it's actually the big day for the two twin girls on either side of her. It was a fun time with face painting, cupcakes, dress up, pin the kiss on the frogs, and much more for a bunch of little girls.

....Oh yeah, and Ammon.

Yep, about ten little girls and Ammon. I didn't think he'd mind but I think he's starting to realize he's a bit different than the females. He pretty much pouted the whole time and refused to participate in any of the games or activities. Basically the only time he was happy was when he was eating, and the only time he talked was to ask if he could finish off the cupcakes the girls left half eaten on their plates.

Lydia had a blast, however, and it was nice to be able to celebrate her favorite twins' birthday. 

This picture explains so much, hahaha!
Besides birthday parties, we spent lots of time together with our friends before they moved back to Utah. We went to exercise class, and each other's houses, and to the park. 

At the park one day I found a slug and introduced it to the kids. We decided to have the kids name it, so meet Carrot/Angel/Meetsa/Chloe/Lydia the slug. It was hard work keeping that little guy alive with the kids "feeding" it giant rocks for lunch and their little feet running all around it to gather leaves for food. I love being outside and introducing my kids to nature and letting them use their imaginations.

Besides nature, we also learned about Pi for Pi day.

Ok, not really. But I did make a blackberry custard pie to celebrate. Mmmm.

I also had fun at our ward book group. We took a group picture to represent the book, so if you want to understand it you'll just have to read Proof of Heaven.

Besides book group, I have been complicating my husband's life. Brigham complained about me putting too many containers in his lunch because he has to worry about bringing them back home. So, since I make his lunch for him ever single night, I decided to show him what I thought about his complaining.

Is that a single cookie in one of those tupperware and a single fruit leather in another? Yes, yes it is. Did he only need one of those five containers? Yep. Do you think he'll complain again? We'll see. Am I a mean wife to a spoiled husband? Perhaps. The point is, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Or, know who you're dealing with when you get married, haha :)

One more fun thing we did was take a fun trip to a pool up by my aunts house.

I didn't take too many pictures because of the water and such, but look at Lydia's cute little bum. My kids loved it and would have stayed for days even though they were shivering and their lips turned blue. They couldn't stop talking about our pool at our old house in Sandy, Utah. Ammon was a little dare devil and kept trying to go right into the deep end despite us telling him what would happen. The life guards had to tell him to stop climbing over the wall that divided the two depths when he was trying to escape. 

And besides all those activities I've been working hard in a fitness challenge. It's been awesome helping me to watch what I eat and exercise harder and even take the dreaded post-work-out selfie.

This is after a ward basketball game. I go just because I can run and I love to play. I have absolutely no skill, which is a complete disappointment to the other players because they just see me as wasted height, haha.  They say they see improvement but my super competitive nature leaves me frustrated with each bad pass and missed basket. But hey, I'm out there exercising and having fun. 

So that's March for us. Welcome Spring! And now we're onto spring break, Easter, two family weddings, a brother's graduation, and our anniversary.


  1. Sounds like a fun March!! And its pretty hilarious that you made Brighams lunch with so many tupperwear. Hahaha!! That pie looks delicous. Also, poor outnumbered Ammon. He is a good sport though!

  2. oh poor ammon- he needs some dude friends! hahhaa i loev princess parties- i feel like i get left out on those fun girly activities