Monday, February 9, 2015

Tappana Times: The Lives of Lydia and Ammon

Lydia noticed a white spot on the ham she was eating for lunch and exclaimed to herself, "Is that a LUNG!?!" I could help but laugh my head off when I overheard, to which Lydia all-knowingly countered, "What? I know this is pig!"

Black eye courtesy of Uncle Kenny
Ammon had a particularly difficult morning one day. First he came out sobbing that he couldn't find his pajama drawer....yes....the drawer in his dresser that cannot move that he has been using twice a day, everyday, for months. He couldn't find it. And he was devastated.

After sending him to his room a few times, insisting that he does know where his pajama drawer is and he'd better find it and put his pajamas away, he only came out crying harder each time with his pajama drawer still missing. I went in to find out what was going on, and on the floor surrounding his dresser were all his pajamas, with his drawer wide open and two pairs of underwear in it. Apparently, someone accidentally put two pairs of underwear in the pajama drawer, and that magically turned the whole drawer into Ammon's underwear and sock drawer. So, naturally, he pulled ALL of his pajamas out of the drawer - because they were obviously in the wrong drawer, I mean two tiny pairs of underwear couldn't possibly be in the wrong drawer, the EIGHT pairs of pajamas must be the ones in the wrong spot - and then became very upset when he couldn't find the drawer for his pajamas anywhere. Those two pairs of underwear sure messed everything up.

Let me tell you, it was hilarious.

Until he came sobbing to me at breakfast because he poked his finger with his fork. Not Ammon's finest morning.

Those two are both hysterical and sweet.

Lydia: When I grow up and I'm a policeman, I'm going to put you in jail!
Ammon: Well when I grow up and I'm a firefighter, I'm going to light you on fire!

Lydia and Ammon both went to their first movie at the big theater. I was sad not to be with them for their first movie, but also grateful to Uncle Ryan for taking them to Penguins of Madagascar so I could watch Interstellar on the big screen.

They did great, according to Ryan. But Lydia loves movies and Ammon loves food, so really, why was I even worried?

At the beach during Christmas break, we walked, froze our ends off, and enjoyed each other's company.

Seriously, it was so cold and my ears hurt so bad that it gave me a ringing headache and was making me nauseous. We all tried to pretend it wasn't miserable, but it was. However, we tried to walk faster along the coast to warm up, and soon played a game trying to get through small passages before the waves came up and got our feet wet. The kids were traumatized, I thought it was great fun.

To keep warm during these cold winter months, Ammon likes to be wrapped like a burrito. I call him my burrito boy.

Lydia had her first heart break when it comes to a boy. I had no idea, but apparently she "worked really hard" on a note she made for "Ryan" in her class. Then when she gave it to him, he gave it back and told her he didn't want it. It hurt her feelings enough that she told her teacher who then asked Ryan if he would keep the note "and he only said sure." Lydia sobbed tears of devastation the whole time she related what happened, and then cried a good five more minutes until I threatened her with a nap if she didn't calm down. "I worked so hard on it, and he didn't even want it!" After a hug, I assured Lydia that boys are dumb and just don't get it most of the time....but in a much nicer, kindergartner-friendly way.

A few days later, I pulled this note out of her school folder. When I asked Lydia about it she said, "It's the note I made Ryan. He still didn't want it so I just brought it home," shrugged and ran off. This note caused so much drama for such a young girl, who then moved on like it was nothing. Oh the passing fancies of youth....I love them :)

I've also been told I'm in trouble. 

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  1. man you are in trouble! girls are WORK ahhahah and boys are stupid. i think the sock-underwear drawer incident proves that right? hahah