Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Birthday Post for My Mom

We've been having some big birthdays in my family this month. Lydia turned six on the sixth, so we partied for her golden birthday. However, TODAY my mom turns 50, which I hear is the true golden birthday. So despite her anti-birthday attitude, I'm going to write her a birthday post about all the aspects of her that are unique and golden to me.

I love this picture of my mom. Besides the golden sun shining off her hair, it shows her connecting to her child and you can see the love on her face. And really, that's what she does. She takes an interest and is so invested in EACH of her seven kids' lives. As I sit back and observe her talking to us, I'm always amazed at how she keeps track, and cares, and knows each one of us individually. It seems daunting to me, but she does it. And she does it well. I know if I need to know what's going on with one of my siblings, I just need to ask my mom. And really that's how it should be.

My mom has rock solid faith. If you ever have doubts, if you feel your testimony fading, just talk to my mom about it. Your faith will be strengthened just by listening to her and feeling her strength and surety. Anytime I'm struggling with questions or having a hard time, I know if I bring it up she will have an answer for me. And even if she doesn't, her faith in the Lord's plan always is enough to reassure me. Her clean-cut, unshakable grasp of the gospel is so beautiful. Her passion and desire for us to have this same knowledge comes through every time she teaches. Happy covenant-keeping children embodies her desire for the family, and four of her children sealed in the temple is evidence of her desires, prayers, and hard work.

My mom is also one smart cookie. I know if I can't figure something out, she's the one to call. From taking care of sick kids, to finances and taxes, to fixing computers or setting up electronics, she usual can figure it out. Her education and drive have provided so many opportunities for her. That example has been amazing, and her efforts to push her children to achieve all we can education-wise has installed a love for learning and progression that I will ALWAYS be grateful for. My mom made sure each of us knew that we were smart, and because we are smart we have a responsibility to do something about it. Her high expectations are a blessing I still value.

My mom is a pro sliver-remover. Seriously, she's the best. She's got tweezers skillz. Even ask her, she'll let you know how fantastic she is at removing those things. Ever have a sliver problem? Call my mom!

My mom is so full of stamina and resilience it amazes me. I cannot tell you how many times she has been sick with vertigo, or with a baby, or with any illness, and yet she carries on anyways. There are times where most people would be out flat and yet, she is still going and doing and going and doing. Sometimes I wish she would take more of a break, but it's just not in her nature. "It has to get done, what else am I suppose to do? I just do it" is a motto that she has passed down to me. I always find myself thinking, well my mom would just do it anyways, so I can too.

And despite all that hardcore talk, my mom also loves to have fun! Games and excitement are something that she loves, and it has always brought good times and fun to our family.

We had a blast doing our mini amazing race in Seattle together, and that is just an example of the type of fun my mom is up for. We're already gearing up to do it again :)

She plans pretty much the BEST vacations ever, and the amazing trips we've taken are some of the most special memories I have.

Oregon Coast

Capitol Reef

In fact without her, we wouldn't have gone anywhere fun. Ever. My dad is more of homebody, and it's her time planning, saving, and orchestrating the trips together that allowed for time together to strengthen our bonds and left us with lasting memories. I remember how excited she was starting out on each trip and her excitement while seeing everything. That excitement added something to each trip and is something I want to carry through with my own family and children.

I also love the little things we tease my mom about. I personally enjoy taking sudden terrible photos of her.

Aren't these pictures just the best? Now imagine a rolling of the eyes, a threatening glare, and a "you'd better delete that!"  Ha, fat chance. These pictures are pure gold. Plus everyone knows how gorgeous you are, so it's good they finally get to see that you are human too.

We also love to tease her about all the quirky ways she says words. Examples:

Penguin, mom pronounces "pinguin"
Wolf, "woof"
Naked, "necked"

There are more, but these three we love to rile her up about.....along with crying at movies, caring TOO much about trying to make everyone happy, and her friendly slaps on the arm or across the head during games or other times we've irritated her.

And this is her explaining why she does the things she does.

Oh, how we love you!

Now I could drone on and on about the amazing person that Becky Busby Nelson is. But for those of you who know her, you already know. She's quiet and introverted to the public, but shes a pillar of strength and a foundation of peace. She keeps us rooted but lightens our lives up with faith, fun, and family.

I really hope she has a special birthday, because really she deserves the world for being so amazing at everything she does. She's the gold that makes this birthday special.

I love you Mom, you truly are the best and I am what I am today because of you. Happy Birthday! Love, Kari

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  1. happy bday to your mom! im so glad you get to live near her again. seriously its the best! NEVER MOVE!