Tuesday, February 16, 2016

More To Love

When February arrives, one of my favorite holidays come with it. This Valentine's Day was simple and low-key, but still wonderful.

We made panda bear valentine boxes, and wrote out valentines for friends near and far.

We enjoyed going through the notes from friends at school.

Valentine's weekend I made the kids heart chocolate-chip pancakes.

They were fans.

That night Brigham and I were able to go on an awesome date together. We were invited to a valentine volleyball date night with a bunch of other couples. Each person came wearing red or white to determine the teams, and we had pizza, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and played four hours of volleyball. It was a blast!

Silly prizes were awarded at the end of the night, and Brigham and I won most combative couple. I didn't want to win THAT prize, but in all honestly, we love to give each other a hard time. Especially in competitions. So we accepted our azalea plant and happily headed home together. 

Because this is a Valentine's Day post, I get to take a moment and fill the page with some sap. Boy am I grateful for this man. Not many husbands will teach Sunday School lessons for a wife who is so tired her brain just can't even comprehend reading lesson material, let alone putting a lesson together. For months. Not many dads will take newborns during nights on weekends, and even offer during the week sometimes, so that their wife can catch up on some sleep. Not many husbands watch two kids and a newborn, cook dinner, and do the dishes on their own so their wife can exercise and go to book club with the ladies. I'm a lucky girl.

This man thinks I'm beautiful first thing in the morning, or after I work out - when I actually look like death. He loves me no matter what size I am or how much hair I have. He adores his children, works hard at work and then just keeps going to take care of us when he gets home. He has a golden heart and is one of the kindest people I know. I guess, I just really love him. 

Not to mention we make cute babies.

Brigham and I agreed not to get anything for each other this year since we've had a lot of unexpected expenses. (I did clarify that ever girl deserves chocolate on Valentine's Day. Smart man took that hint and chocolate made an appearance that day.) However, this little boy was the best present I could hope to receive. After all, what brings more love to a home than a little baby?

Lydia and Ammon smother this boy with kisses and Kendrick gives them the biggest smiles. I loved that they were thrilled with just a box of conversation hearts and some jolly ranchers Sunday afternoon. The hugs from them and gratitude expressed filled my heart. Oh how I love Valentine's Day!!

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  1. Tappana men are just the best. You've got yourself a keeper for sure!! And yes, you two make adorable kids!!