Monday, September 5, 2016

Tappana Times: July at Home.

July started with Kendrick sitting up all by himself, and he's never looked back.

It also was a holiday weekend, and with family in town, we hit the green and played terribly at miniature golf.

The 4th is actually my birthday, so to celebrate the beginning of the last year in my twenties, I had the most rich, decadent, delicious peanut-butter chocolate dessert. Ever.

Reeses cheesecake brownies, for the win. I pretty much ate the entire pan by myself, since it was too rich for everyone else. Weak sauce.

We started out Independence Day by getting a free lunch at Cafe Rio. As you can tell, food makes me happy.

Afterwards we went to family in Bellevue for dinner and enjoyed company of cousins and aunts and uncles. The one dark spot on the day happened while driving home from Bellevue. We were rocking out to Backstreet Boys (I'm indoctrinating my children) and I wasn't really paying attention to how fast we were going. Next thing I know, I have cop lights flashing behind me. I was going 16 miles over the speed limit. Whoops.

I hoped that since it was my birthday the cop would let me off easy, but no such luck. However, he did include stickers for my kids along with the ticket.....thanks.

Though, that part of the day was lame, we still enjoyed fireworks at the lake and it was great birthday. I tortured my family by making them take family pictures in our red, white, and blue.

And really, Kendrick stole the show in his All American Boy outfit. Gah! So cute!

Besides Fourth of July activities, we spent a lot of time playing games together. Lydia and Ammon are teaching Kendrick young.

Making a birthday sign and taking a picture of it to send to Uncle Kenny on a mission. Lydia and Ammon did a great job!

Long evenings with Dad gone at meetings and Mom and the baby hanging out late.

And one Friday evening, Brigham took me on a date to the Desmoine Waterfront Park and Beach.

It was beautiful. We watched people crabbing and fishing off the pier, and enjoyed the sunset after walking on a trail and wandering the area.

It was a much needed date night away, and we had fun together!

Since Kendrick started sitting up on his own, we moved him out of the newborn tub, into the big boy baby tub! He LOVES it! He just splashes and splashes and talks with glee.

The rest of our month was spent in Utah and Montana on vacation and with family, but I've already told you all about that.

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  1. i seriously love your family pic in the red white and blues! sorry about the ticket though- how do people get out of tickets? i never do either!