Sunday, December 18, 2016

Wild One

It seems it was just last month that this little man was born.

He was my little monkey man when he was born, with his curly dark hair, heavy brow, and wide nose. As he changed and grew, I realized his personality would test me more than my previous two and I started calling him my wild child. So when I saw this Wild One outfit on Amazon I was sold.

And slowly a little theme and party began to come together. I was just going to have family come over for his cake and presents, but then I realized, it's more fun if more people get to watch him destroy a cake. And when I was exercising at a friends house I noticed her room had a bunch of decorations that fit the theme perfectly. She let me borrow them and I made a couple more easy decorations, and soon we had a simple wild-themed house to party in.

The feathers and the tepee were borrowed, but I made the arrows, cupcake toppers, and cake topper.

It was my first time making a smash cake, and I baked it in a formula can (thanks Pinterest). It turned out perfect. I also really liked the frosting idea that was a pudding/whip cream mixture. It was less sticky, not so sickly sweet, and held up really well without melting or running as it sat out.

We had a wall with a picture of Kendrick every month since he was born. My mom said it looked like a funeral, but I loved putting together the wall and the decorations. This last year went by so fast and it was nice to see how he has really grown each month to the little boy he is.

All of the decorations were so simple, but it was more than I've ever done before. I'm not really a party planner/decorator person and usually we just have pizza, open presents, and eat cake. Kendrick sure got spoiled (not that he knew or cared).

As for the actual party, we first opened presents. My favorite was the hat that I've been preparing him for, for weeks. Oh my goodness it's cute! He's been a hat hater and usually cries whenever I put them on. But when I saw this hat and imagined his face in it, I had to have it. After ordering it, I knew I had to prepare him so he actually would wear it. So for weeks I put hats on him ALL the time. He would fuss and try to pull them off, but I would put them right back on. And it worked. He doesn't love them, and he especially doesn't love the fur under his chin, but he wears them!

Yes, I torture my children for my own amusement.

After presents we had a lunch of roll sandwiches, oranges, carrots, chicago mix popcorn, and cream puffs.

And then cake!

Kendrick wasn't sure at first, but he loves his food so we all thought he would really go for it. But his shyness got the better of him. Everyone staring and encouraging him to go for it put too much pressure on him and he just lost it. That little face puckered up and he let out a wail with his hand just sitting in the frosting of his cake.

We realized our mistake and all pretended to ignore him until he slowly got into it.

He started by only poking the cake and licking off his finger. Then he began to get little pieces, and soon he was doing pretty good.

We eventually all moved back to the living room from the kitchen to sit down and conversate, and I scooted Kendrick so he was nearby and let him take his time with his cake. He ate about half of it. I figured it was job well done in his own way. Then he crashed hardcore and took a three hour nap. Turning one is hard work.

While he napped we watched funny you-tube videos with friends and talked and had a great time.

This boy is such a joy to all of our lives. Lydia and Ammon just adore him (too much sometimes) and he is a silly, playful little boy. Here are some of the stages he is in:

  • He could walk if he wanted to, but he is too chicken and immediately falls to his knees if he even THINKS you're about to let go of his hand.
  • Because he wants to walk so bad, but is too chicken, he will walk on his knees to get to you.
  • Kendrick loves balls and books most out of all his toys. He will bring you books all day and loves making animals sounds, especially the horse and sheep. Chasing and throwing balls keep him occupied for quite some time.
  • Kendrick loves a good chase. Whether you chase him or he chases you, he squeals in delight.
  • His favorite foods are plain baby cereal and bottles and he loves vegetables like asparagus and green beans. 
  • Kendrick also loves the dishwasher and pulling dishes out to suck on them and "helps" Brigham do the dishes all the time.
  • He is so smart when it comes to spitting food out. He knows just how to make it so you can't put it back in. He sticks his tongue out and continuously blows a raspberry when you try to put the food back in so the air and tongue in the way make it impossible. Stinker!
  • He is the WORST napper ever. But that's nothing new.
  • He already cries if he's told no and throws fits when things are taken away from him. None of my other kids did that, and I find that I don't care for it.
  • When he gets my phone or other things he knows he's not supposed to have, when you notice, he just holds it in the air above his head so you can take it away from him.
  • He is a great talker and makes tons of sounds and tongue actions. He also waves for bye bye and night night and claps.
  • He is 24 lbs and in size 3 diapers. He's in about the 60th percentile for both height and weight. His head size is still big, but not near as big at the 70th percentile (down from 96th!! hahaha!)
  • Kendrick has 8 teeth and is getting three more molars already. And he is a biter! ugh.
  • Kendrick is super cuddly and loves being sung to while he is held. I LOVE it! He also gives kisses. Wide-open mouthed kisses that are sweet and slobbery.
  • His hair still curls when it gets wet and he has the longest eyelashes and puckeriest lips.
  • He's deathly afraid of umbrellas and the shower curtain.
Being busy with older kids has made this last year flow by and I just can't believe this day has already come and gone. I love this little miracle baby with all my heart and our family wouldn't be the same without him. He's our spunky, handsome, smart little boy. Happy Birthday Kendrick!!

And I know you haven't seen near enough pictures of him, so here are his one year old pictures for you to enjoy.

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  1. Oh my goodness, what an adorable sweet heart! happy birthday Kendrick!! Love and miss you!