Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tappana Times: Little Bits of March

Just catching up on life in March, we had Lydia and Ammon's FIRST dentist appointments. I figured if Lydia is getting baptized, she should probably see the dentist as well. So I scheduled them both in and they looked pretty savvy in the dentist chair.

Lydia had a small cavity so she came back later to get that filled and they both had sealants put on to prevent future cavities. They both did awesome, though they were super nervous. I had the pleasure of being lectured on the importance of flossing "I'm not even asking for every day. If you could just get it in at least three times a week." Luckily, Lydia doesn't want to experience anymore fillings and is pretty consistent with her flossing now.

We celebrated National Women's Day.

Which meant I was supposed to get the day off, but I'm afraid Kendrick didn't seem to care and he was still my slave-driver. No respect there.

Saturday mornings were spent with cute brothers enjoying cartoons together on the couch until mom decided to get up and cook breakfast.

Kendrick loves to point at his show.

We spent time attending Lydia's second grade musical concert.

Lydia had a solo playing the cowbell for one of the songs.

And she has a speaking part, as well. It's hard to hear her, but she was the only one to memorize her part, and afterwards she was complimented on her presentation by other parents who were impressed with her eye contact.

My two little dudes spend lots of time together looking at Kendrick's books and it warms my heart. Kendrick isn't very nice to Ammon and usually screeches when Ammon gets in his space, but this is one of the times Kendrick tolerates someone besides mom.

At the very end of March, our ward had an Easter activity. We had a chili cook off and Easter egg hunt for the kids, with an appearance made by the Easter Bunny.

Kendrick wasn't a fan, but after trying to get away for a minute, he was coaxed to remain for a quick picture. Ammon had no interest in sitting on the bunny's lap.

Brigham tried a hot chili that had warnings posted all around it for how hot it was. Normally, a big fan of spicy foods, he was sure he would love it. However, unbeknownst to us, it contained a GENETICALLY altered pepper to be the hottest pepper in the world. It was beyond naturally hot. Brigham took two big bites of the chili, and then he spent most of the night in the bathroom, throwing up and moaning. He literally turned green and was very ill. Other people had eaten it and they were sick as well. It was all pretty serious actually, and if it weren't for some milk and pepto, Brigham might have made a visit to the ER that night. The person who made the chili said that just cooking the chili had all of their family crying from the heat in the air. Some of the kids who ate it had really bad reactions, and most of the men did not fare well. I did not think that hot of chili was a good idea for a ward party, but that's just my two cents.

Besides the chili episode, Kendrick enjoyed his first ever egg-hunt.

He loved finding the eggs and was quite upset when other kids would snatch eggs out from under him.

Once he figured out the eggs contained candy he was quite enthralled, and we have come to find out he is quite the jelly-bean enthusiast. Perfect to prepare for April - the month of Easter.

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