Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Zoo Trip

We went to the zoo in the morning on Memorial Day. It was Lydia's first trip. She slept through half of the trip, not that she would pay attention to the animals anyway. Brigham and I had a lot of fun looking at the animals and we got some good close-up views of some of them.

You can see Lydia sleeping, Daddy with baby at the Madagascar exhibit, and Mommy prepared for the day.

Brigham and I measuring up against the gorilla. I think I beat everyone in massiveness.

The peacock was trying to attract females, it looked awesome with its feathers spread out so wide. It was huge! Even though it's a small bird, if it came at me with its feathers spread out big, I think I would run away very afraid! At the gorilla exhibit, I always remember the year my family went to the zoo and my mom sat my brother Ryan on the fence. His shoe fell off into the gorilla cage. I always wonder what happened to that long-lost shoe when we visit the Hogle Zoo gorillas.

Here are a couple close-ups of the cats. For the first cat, (I forget what it's called) it sat right up next to the fence and we could have reached out to touch it. We felt like keeping all of our fingers, though. For the cheetah, some zoo workers were working on the grounds and walked close to the cage. The cheetah sure didn't like it, hissed really loud, (it was awesome) and then started pacing angrily. I was glad they annoyed the cheetah because it made for awesome pictures and entertainment. The cheetah really is a beautiful animal!
One of the funniest animals were the penguins. They kept bending over the water like they were going to jump in and then they would back off at the last second. Everyone would get excited and then be disappointed. Brigham and I decided the penguins were doing it on purpose for their own entertainment. As if they were saying to each other, "Watch these dumb people get really excited when we pretend like we're going to jump." It really was funny because they really seemed to be toying with everyone. Finally, one jumped in just as all the people were starting to get bored. I think the penguin wanted to be the star of the show. Then all the other penguins got jealous and jumped in too so the first one wouldn't have all the glory. We had a great time watching them and seeing them waddle around.

Last, but not least, the bears and the rhino. I decided the rhino looked nice and I wanted to be its friend. No one ever wants to be friends with a rhino so it must get lonely, so I will be its friend. The bears are Brigham's favorite animal so I had to include a picture for him. We loved going to the zoo together and look forward to many fun trips as family in the future! :)

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  1. It looks like you guys had fun! I wish we could have gone. We'll have to plan another trip so that we can go with you guy. I love the zoo!