Friday, May 8, 2009

Lots of Lydia

Ok so this blog is probably going to end up with a trillion pictures of Lydia because, well, she is the focus of our lives right now and we are the classic obsessive first time parents. Hopefully, we won't neglect the picture taking of future children. So here are some more pictures of Lydia from Easter and other events. It's ok if you get bored of them, I, as her mother, love them.
These are the best Easter ones. I had fun tearing apart the house trying to get these great, outstanding photos I had envisioned and ending up with these ones. Brigham came home from a church meeting and thought I had lost it when he saw the living room a gigantic mess and our daughter sitting there with a giant orange bow on her head. He admits that he likes the pictures and Lydia and I had tons of fun! She especially liked kicking the plastic Easter eggs.

So, with these pictures she is dipicting her male-pattern-baldness. The first picture shows how much hair she had at the beginning. I do say that she can pull it off, and soon all babies will be following the new trend. Plus, with those eyes and that face, heck, who needs hair?! :)
And now the latest pictures. The first one, she is in a dress I wore as a little baby. She reminds me of a cute little doll. The second one, we put a fever bug on her forehead because she was acting funny and was really hot so I was worried she was sick. The bug is supposed to tell you her temperature. She was fine. And finally, she looked so cute in her pink outfit I took a picture. Her strawberry hemangioma (essentially a birthmark that grows until they are about six months old) is getting so big on her head now and you can see it in this picture. It kind of just looks like a big red goose egg on the top of her head. I always have to assure everyone that I don't hurt my baby.

Well that's it for now, you can see more on facebook. Lots of Lydia. I have even more for the future so be prepared! :)

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  1. She is a cutie. I haven't seen much of her, but I am glad I can see her on your blog now.