Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hooray for Hiking!

So I have been doing a hiking class on Saturdays for about the last month. So far it's been pretty good, and I get a GREAT workout. If this doesn't get me in shape nothing will! These pictures are from the most recent hike we went on in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Here Lydia and I are. It's kind of like hiking pregnant, only she is removable and I have a lot more energy because my body doesn't hate me quite as much.

Lydia loves hiking. She stares at the trees for a little while, sucks on her fingers, and then falls asleep to the rhythm of the walking and being snuggled so close to me.

Here is most of the group that I hike with.

The river was really full! It was a raging river of DEATH, except we did not careen down it, nor did we kiss any llama :)

Here is the view from 1/3 of the way up. I hiked 5 miles this last week. I wanted to make it to the lake at the end, but I couldn't make the last 1/2 mile because we had hiked up so far we hit the snow and the ice. It got really steep and I kept slipping. I knew the way back down would be worse and I didn't want to hurt Lydia by falling. I only fell once and she didn't even wake up. Even though I was in the snow, my legs were on FIRE! I was disappointed to get so close and have to turn around, but it's better safe than sorry and boy was I glad to get back to my car!

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