Monday, June 8, 2009

Officially BYU Alumi

So it's true. I am officially an alumni of Brigham Young University. I've been done with school since last December, but I just recently got my diploma in the mail.

I have always always loved BYU and always always wanted to go there. I remember in a blessing given to me by my dad, I was promised that if I made right choices I would eventually go to the school of my choice. Even though it took awhile and I made it through a round-about way, I did it!

Here is a thumbs up to myself for all the hard work I put into school. I paid for school myself, the entire way and I never had to pay a full semester of tuition because I always had scholarships to help out. It just feels good to see that hard work does pay off!

Here is my suprised face, because I honestly never thought the day would come that I would finish school. But one semester at a time and boom, it's done!

It's fun having a diploma. If only I could do something with it like turn it into money, ha ha. Honestly, I miss school and the learning. I love learning new things and growing as a person. I really loved learning about psychology and how humans work. I don't miss deadlines, studying, homework, or tests though. I'm grateful I have my education so I can support myself if I need and to help teach my children. Someday I'll go back and learn more . . . but for now I'll raise my family and stick with my shiny new diploma. :) GO BYU!!

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