Friday, September 4, 2009

B-b-beautiful B-b-bees B-b-baseball Game

So we went to Lydia's first baseball game. The Bees were playing and we went with Brigham's side of the family. It was pretty fun. Lydia looked so cute in her little pink jacket.

Here we are as a family enjoying the game.

Even though Brigham doesn't enjoy baseball too much, I know he enjoyed spending time with us.

While at the game, we caught Ashley red-handed in her wild ways. She only lets you talk if she likes what you're saying. Seriously, you'd better be careful or you might find her hand over your mouth. If you don't believe me, see evidence below. . .
The game was a hoot and we had tons of fun. Lydia hated the cheering, loved the lettuce from Tim's taco salad, and enjoyed slobering all over Daddy's hair. The Bee's did lose but we got pizza and hot dogs, so really, nobody loses :D


  1. That was a really fun family night! Tim and I had a ton of fun! We need to do it more often :). As for the picture...I guess it speaks for itself. I'm controlling and manipulating and a horrible wife! Oh well! At least I'm pretty :). Haha. You totally caught me red handed!

  2. oh Ashley you are none of those things, you are a great, fun, wonderful wife. I warned you when I took the picture, lol. It was a good night!