Friday, January 8, 2010

Time to Win in 2010!

At work,whenever we start a new campaign, there is a theme to go with it. Right now it's "Time to Win in 2010." That's right folks, it's a new year. Of course, I want to spend a few moments reviewing the fun things that happened to our little family in 2009. It was a great year!!

First, I started out very pregnant!
Then Lydia Rebecca Tappana was born on 03/06/09.We blessed her two weeks later.
Shortly thereafter, Brigham's brother, Sam, got married to Caitlin.
Although I had finished classes the previous December, I graduated and received my diploma. Yes!We were able to go up and spend my birthday with my family and my siblings were able to meet Lydia for the first time. I ran my first 5k, got eighth in my division for girls and beat the goal I set for myself.
We hosted our annual Halloween party at the church.

BYU beat the U this year in overtime. This is Brigham and I at the game, it was AWESOME! (of course I have to include this fact in my yearly review)

We were able to go to Washington again for Lydia's first Christmas. So great!

A couple of other things that happened that I don't have pictures for include:

  • Brigham graduating from Salt Lake Community College with his Associates and starting at the University of Utah.
  • Brigham's brother and sister-in-law announcing Lydia will have her first cousin soon
  • I survived living with my mother-in-law in our one bedroom apartment for over a month (a great feat indeed)

We are excited and a little nervous for 2010. We have to buy a new car, move, celebrate Lydia's first birthday, hopefully get Brigham graduated and working at a decent job. Busy busy busy, but we look forward to all the new things! As cheesy as it sounds we hope to "win in 2010!"

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