Monday, February 15, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Well one of my favorite holidays rolled around- Valentines Day! I love pink and I love my family and I love celebrating love :) It was Lydia's first Valentines Day and I went picture crazy so enjoy.

Lydia in her "baby's 1st Valentine's Day" bib and in her pretty pink dress.

We took a family picture and it turned out pretty decent. I just love us all in pink!

Me and my baby :)

The two loves of my life!

Lydia's playing with her Valentine's present, reading a book, being adorable, crying because I told her no, and being her usually crazy and wild self. Oh she makes me laugh.

And no, we did not let Lydia eat these cupcakes. I just wanted to see her reaction. She ate about 1/3 of one as a Valentine's day treat. Btw, what you see here is what Brigham and I couldn't finish. The cupcakes were just SO BIG!

This year's Valentines day was pretty awesome. I handed out jungle animal cards with tattoos and red-velvet-cake cupcakes with white frosting and pink sprinkles. I got Brigham Subway and wrote him a letter of all the things I like about him. He got me chocolate, flowers, and made me a DELICIOUS dinner. Lydia just got a dollar store Valentine's day bear key chain that she likes. I hope everyone celebrated their love for each other and enjoyed such a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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