Thursday, February 4, 2010

Like Mother Like Daughter

Recently I reorganized our apartment a little bit and I was able to make a little play spot in the corner of the living room for Lydia. It wasn't my initial intention for the spot to be Lydia's corner, it was more just a corner to put all her stuff in, but Lydia made it that way. This is something I would do- grow attached to the corner my belongings are- which also made me think about a few other similarities Lydia and I have.

This is Lydia pointing at me in front of her new little corner. Her favorite thing to do right now is point.

Not only do I love my own "corners" but I love forts and cozy places like Lydia has created under her jumper. Also I LOVE to read.... and so does Lydia. Lydia will be entertained for hours if someone will read her books. She also will read them to herself. She turns the pages, points to pictures and babbles. Not only is it adorable, but she rarely will play with other toys now. She always is just carrying around her books. She's due to be a readaholic like her mother.

This picture was taken by Lydia's Aunt Caitlin. Lydia has flushed cheeks and looks so miserable because she had an extremely high fever due to a virus she had. Guess who got it too... yep, Mommy! Whenever Lydia is sick, Mommy gets sick. Whenever Mommy gets sick, so does Lydia. Lucky Daddy never gets sick because he's never home. We just share so much :).

Oh and this picture is just because she's so adorable :)

A couple other things that we have in common include...

The love of the Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack.. Everytime it comes on Lydia is mezmorized. It calms us both down.

We both love Daddy very very much!

People say we share similar eyes.

We LOVE chocolate (then again what woman doesn't?!) Lydia throws THE biggest tantrum if I start giving her chocolate and then stop. I also do the same when the chocolate ends. It gets ugly.
Neither of us prefer a lot of physical affection. Not cuddlers. Now again Lydia likes being held but otherwise she likes her space. I am the same way!
We both love being outside.
Lydia loves me and I love her. We both get big silly grins when we see each other, and that's why I talk about her so much. She's a part of me and I'm a part of her and I'll always treasure the time she was all mine. I'm so glad to have her forever. She's my baby!

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