Monday, November 29, 2010

Birthday Boy

Well Brigham turned 26 this last Saturday. I tried to give him a relaxing day and I think he got one. He woke up and watched the movie Australia all morning and I served him left over pumpkin pie with homemade white chocolate whip cream for breakfast. Then he played the Wii and next it was time for the BYU/Utah football game. Although the outcome wasn't quite what we wanted, (you should have been at my house and witnessed Brigham standing on the couch screaming NOOO! like someone had just died when BYU's game-winning field goal was blocked. You would have been afraid. I was.) it was still an exciting game to watch. It was fun to have all of our brothers over to watch the game with us.
 I made brownie tarts for Brigham since we aren't really cake fans and even though he didn't expect presents since he's getting super expensive contacts/glasses, he got a few small presents. He got a shirt and I framed his recently earned diploma for him to hang on the wall and a plate and cup to use at work. Somehow he always gets a Spiderman something or other for holidays. This year was no exception with his Spiderman plate to eat off of. Luckily I won't have to look at it since he'll use it at work.

 The rest of the day we played cards with my brothers, Scott and Kyle, and then watched Toy Story 3. I hope Brigham had a good day off because he deserves it with all the work he's put into graduating from college and working hard to take care of our little family. Happy Birthday Brigham!

(oh, I would have a picture of him with his diploma, but since it was from the U of U, Brigham wouldn't even hardly look at it because the sting of our loss was too fresh on his mind, so we get a Spiderman plate instead)


  1. THANK YOU KARI ANN!!! I LOVE YOU!!! My birthday was great! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Brig! I remember when I first met you and just thought you were some creepy kid standing inches from me not saying anything...and staring this really weird stare. Little did I know I'd marry your brother! Here's to many many more awesome birthdays. Hopefully BYU will stick it to the Utes next year :)