Thursday, November 18, 2010

The World is my Canvas

      A few Sundays ago, Lydia's nursery leader informed me that she was doing better coloring which floored me because the last time I had tried coloring with her, she only attempted to eat the crayons with no concept of their actual purpose-- despite me trying to show her. So, I took her home and sat down with a sheet of paper and crayons. To my surprise she does know how to successfully scribble. I was such a proud mom. My one year old can scribble!! :)
      Well now I'm afraid the situation has escalated. I have a package of blue pens that Lydia has found. I swear she took some and hid them randomly around the house because I keep finding her with one in hand. Every time I turn around I find her with another one. Well she has also learned how to "color" with pens. I try to tell her only on paper, but as you can see below, she has discovered that pens can draw on lots of things that crayons can't, like skin!!
You can see a little pen on her face in this picture, but I couldn't quite capture the full effect on film because she's so wiggly. Luckily it hasn't been too bad because I keep a close eye on her. So far only her face, hands, and clothes have suffered but I'm sure she'll discover more things to draw on. Oh goody.
 Besides pens, Lydia loves to practice feeding her baby. What a good older sister she'll be :)
Oh, and she looked so cute before church last Sunday, I had to take a picture. It really doesn't do her justice. 


  1. She is so dang cute! I'm proud to say I'm her auntie :). Sorry about the pens...but she is pretty smart to hide them! Haha :)

  2. Little stinker! I love how she is feeding her baby!!