Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life is Great...

...Because I get to be with these two lovely faces all day
And because in about ten minutes we'll load up the car to fly to Washington for two weeks.

I think Ammon doesn't really want to go based on the full body rash he developed yesterday. Oh the ways that boy tries to stop me.

Lydia's been ready to go for awhile now...
An emergency trip to the doctor cleared us for take off. So vacation here we come; see you all in a couple of weeks :)


  1. What cute pictures! I LOVE them :). Plus...looking at them makes me miss them already.

    Have fun in Washington! I know how much you miss it up make sure you do everything that you've been longing for :)

    We'll make sure Brig doesn't get into any rob a bank or anything. You know how crazy his ideas can get sometimes...haha

  2. Yay for a vacation!! I love the picture of the two of them at the top! So cute!! Have fun in Washington and take lots of pictures!

    See you in two weeks. And maybe, just MAYBE you'll be able to meet Abby when you get back???

    Wishful thinking I guess...