Friday, July 1, 2011

Taylorsville Dayzz

Why are so many things that are supposed to end with "s" made to end in double "z" in Utah? Weird.

Anyways, this past weekend it was one of my favorite times of the year...Taylorsville Dayzz! This is when the city puts on a four day festival with carnival rides, booths selling goods and food, concerts, fireworks, parades, a 5k, and more.

Since we live right behind the park where it all takes place, we frequented most of the events and had some friends come along. In fact, they did most of the picture taking because I can't seem to take pictures of anything besides my two children.

Day 1:
We had the Roe's, Basset's, and Sam & Caitin join us. We shopped, chatted, and watched fireworks. 
(Note: I snatched the following pictures from others, so thank you Marie and Caitlin)

This is what my children were like before the fireworks started -giddy with happiness.

This is what my children were like after the fireworks started -both screaming bloody murder.
Oh what fun children bring.

(Note: I didn't steal any of the following pictures, they are solely my work)

Day 2:
Well I woke up this this:
Btw, it's really hard to take a decent picture of the back of your leg.
That, my friends, is a mosquito bite gone bad. Every once in a while I have a bad reaction to a bite, especially if I scratch them. This one tops them all. I believe the mosquito injected the poison straight into my vein. Not only did it itch INSANELY, but it also made my whole calf ache for four days. And I didn't scratch it once!

Moving on. We went to the parade that morning. It was pretty uneventful except for when the dancers came by and Lydia asked if she could dance too. Assuming she meant right there next to me, I said yes and she took off for the dance with the dancers. I had to chase her down and drag her back. She was devastated.

Until they threw the candy, and the stickers, and the necklaces.

Then she realized being on the sideline is pretty great.

Well...for about a half-hour until she was bored.
Lydia with her parade loot. Amazingly, the necklaces thrown to her matched her outfit :)
That evening we had a BBQ with our awesome upstairs neighbors. My best friend, Brittany, and her husband, Scott, joined us with their babies (three kids under the age of two, I swear Britt and Scott are champions) and we stuffed our faces.

And relaxed for a bit before the fireworks.
I had to take a picture of Ammon falling asleep before finishing his bottle. He rarely passes up food.
Saturday night is the best night for fireworks. The show is at least a half hour long and it is spectacular.
And since I am horrible at taking pictures, you don't get to see the following:

Just before the firework show began, my brother, Kyle, and his fiance, Katrina, joined us.

Everyone laid out in the backyard enjoying the fireworks. It's really nice living so close to Taylorsville Dayzz.

The fireworks really were spectacular.

Despite me working her up to it all day, Lydia still screamed when the fireworks started. She kept complaining they hurt her head, so I put a blanket over her head and then she watched them just fine. I really wish I took a picture of that.

But, you do get to see that somehow, throughout the day, Lydia's necklaces multiplied from two to about five.

Like I said, I'm pretty much only good at taking pictures of my kidzz.

Anyways, those are the highlights of Taylorsville Dayzz and I'm sad it's now over. However, I'm already anticipating it rolling around again next year, and I'm pumped up for all the summer action that is yet to come!

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  1. No i'm not mad you stole my picture. Flattered really. I just forgot to comment! I read blogs at work, but I can't comment on them for some reason, so then I forgot!! I didn't do it on purpose. And I know how it feels to not get a comment and it is very sad so I'm sorry I did that to you. Haha!! Taylorsville Dayzz was awesome! Sure wish we could have done Saturday too!