Monday, March 19, 2012

Little Bums

Right now I've got a couple of little bum's running around the house driving me to drink. Especially this little bum...

He's much more of a handful than I remember his sister being at this age; especially during his five days of straight crying while getting his molars, being sick, and going throw a growth spurt.

At least he doesn't mind sleeping in his own messes, I guess.

And while it drives me crazy that Ammon doesn't comprehend that the world "no" even exists and leaves a constant trail of snot everywhere he goes, or that Lydia needs my attention every two seconds of every waking hour and prefers her brother in a headlock, at least these two little bums don't mind sharing a tub while getting their little cheeks clean.

And you would be correct to guess from this picture that Ammon is ready to eat. Always.


  1. What cute little bums you have! :)

  2. cute :). I really like the picture of the two of them together in the tub! So sweet!