Monday, April 2, 2012

Cauliflower Mini Pizzas

Lately I've been trying to incorporate cauliflower into different dishes. I've made mashed cauliflower, cauliflower pizza, and this time I wanted to try out a recipe I found for mini cauliflower pizza bites on one of my new favorite sites, Dashing Dish. I was hoping the mini bites wouldn't be soggy like my other cauliflower pizza crust experiment.

To make the mini pizza bites, you cut up about a half a head of cauliflower,

And then pulse it to a rice-like consistency.

Dump it into a bowl to microwave uncovered for eight minutes. After it's done in the microwave, start adding stuff to make it delicious:

Stir it all up and microwave it for two more minutes.

While it was being zapped, I got the liners ready in the muffin tin and sprayed liberally with cooking spray.

Then I added the mixture and really packed it into each of the liners.

Top with a bit more turkey pepperoni

And bake!

They come out looking like this:

I served them with a fancy apple-toasted walnut-cranberry salad (which was AMAZING) and some homemade pizza sauce to dip them in.

I was pleased with the results. The mini bites weren't soggy and tasted good, especially dipped in the pizza sauce. I will say, don't use paper liners because no matter how much I greased, the mini bites stuck to the liner and had to be scraped out with a fork. Luckily, half my liners were some metallic type of material that worked much better.

Also, the mini-bites are definitely small and this recipe doesn't really make more than twelve. It's definitely more of an appetizer rather than part of a meal. Fortunately, I made tons of the salad, otherwise we all would have been left hungry.

All said and done, we liked the flavor of the pizza bites and it was easy enough to make that I probably would make these again as a side dish or appetizer. This recipe is definitely my favorite cauliflower experiment so far.


  1. You're so brave to experiment with califlower! I hate the stuff quite honestly, so I don't know that I would ever create something that contains it...but you inspire me. Truly you do because you're so willing to experiment with cooking. I need to be better about that...maybe someday soon :)

  2. Hmmm...I don't know about these. Not enough carbs. Haha. actually, they look really good. I'd give them a try. And that salad? looks wonderful. You'll have to tell me how to make that. I am trying to incorporate more salads/veggies into our diet.