Saturday, August 4, 2012

Leavenworth Cabin

Because my uncle and his family were up visiting his son in Washington as well, we went with my other aunt that lives up here to visit a famous tourist town called Leavenworth and then all stayed at a cabin nearby.

The house was right on the river.

And included a fire pit, basketball hoop, horseshoe pit, hot tub, hammock, and even fun things for the kids.

The first day we shopped in the tourist town and got settled in, and to start out the second day we went on a hike to Hidden Lake.

The water was so clear that you could see schools of fish swimming around and see to the bottom clear out in the middle of the lake. We finished hiking to the small waterfall that fed into the lake where we all got eaten alive by mosquitoes.

After the hike, half of us went rafting and the other half with little kids went to Lake Wenatchee nearby.

And though the view was picture perfect, we had to leave because it was super windy and pretty chilly as well.

And Ryan may have told Kayleen that he peed in the lake, making her cry for ages and eventually scream, "I'm so freaked out I can't sleep at night!"  Oh the dramatics between a thirteen-year-old brother and six-year-old sister :) Needless to say, she wouldn't get near the water again.

So we went back to the cabin and found a fun beach along the river where the kids could truly enjoy themselves.

We spent some time hot-tubbing, marshmallow-roasting, playing basketball and horseshoes, talking, laughing, and teasing.

It was fun to spend time with so many cousins, aunts, uncles, and relatives. The kids behaved very well and it was a fun getaway!

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  1. oh my gosh ammon looks so cute! im so jealous, it looks so beautiful there!! glad youre having a good trip!