Monday, September 24, 2012


My sister-in-law posted this on my Facebook wall a few weeks ago:

Now why would she do that, you ask. Is she calling me fat? Do i look like a walrus? Is my smile ugly? What is she inferring?

Let me explain. After spending quite some time together, Katrina noticed one of Ammon's particular habits. Let's illustrate.

Ammon notices a camera while at Capital Reef:

Ammon notices Lydia is getting her picture taken and keeps sneaking in to participate:

(No matter how many times I push him away)

Ammon notices I am taking a picture at the Wildlife Park:

Ammon getting his picture taken while camping:

Now do you understand? Can you see the similarity?

Yes, when Katrina posted this I couldn't stop laughing, for it is a perfect depiction of what my boy does anytime he sees a camera. He can't help but pull the cheese-face. After all, he's just doing what he's told. I, for one, will never discourage the face of absolute glee. Why would I when it can make anyone smile and adds a little extra sunshine to the day? So everyone practice your cheese-faces. But if you find you can't quite get it right and need some extra help, there's a little boy running around here that's got it down pat. Just pull out a camera and see :)


  1. hahaa oh my gosh this is hilarious!!! love it!!! oh and i keep forgetting to tell you, i use a photo collage app called photo collage for the iphone. i dont have one for my computer sadly.

  2. Hahaha! Silly Ammon. He cracks me up. I just love how happy and beaming he is in all these pictures. I think my personal favorite, besides the ones with Lydia, is the first one. No one is paying attention to the camera, except him. So funny.

  3. YES! I knew it was perfect. I love Ammon's cheese face - so funny!