Monday, September 3, 2012

More Like Sisters

While spending the summer with my family, I noticed a trend. Let's see if you notice it too:

Yes. These two girls could be found together at almost all times. I hardly saw Lydia in Washington because she was always off with her aunt somewhere. Sometimes Kayleen needed a break from Lydia, but Lydia ALWAYS wanted/needed/had to be doing what Kayleen was. They were mistaken for sisters more than once, and when I explained they are aunt and niece, I got lots of confusion and the strangest looks. That's right people, Kayleen is MY sister.

However, I don't mind if they are more like sisters when they're together - they play, they boss around, they fight over things, and they laugh - and it warms my heart.

The Bendaroo mural they created for my Grandma Busby, on the wall above her bed, warms my heart almost as much :)

Do you see how Kayleen created actual pictures while Lydia's are just balled up and stuck to the wall? Priceless.

I know my baby girl misses my sister, and that's what makes it so wonderful when we visit and these two are back at it again.

For now, Lydia will just have to be content with her brother (more like bother) instead.

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  1. That is so fun that they are so close in age! I bet Lydia really misses your sister. I feel like Emmy hasn't seen Lydia in forever. Hopefully they'll see each other again someday...