Thursday, January 3, 2013

Calling Friends and Family

Well folks, I gained some weight during my Christmas vacation. To be expected, but not welcomed at the same time. Not only that but I've been in a rut for awhile with my eating. My self control has took a serious plummet.

After talking with my family and finding that we had some common problems and that we all wished we could help each other, we decided to set up a healthy living blog. While some of us want to lose weight and some of us want to eat better, or some just want to help support others, now we have a way to do it even though we don't see each other everyday.

The blog I set up will be a great way to do this. Because everyone will be different in their goals, it will be simple and easy and a great way to just try to be more healthy. I'm excited to join with my friends and family in working together towards better health. My mom did a similar blog like this before and said that it really helped her and she really liked it. So she inspired the idea and I put it together with her help.

So any one of my friends or family that want to join and participate in this blog, send me your gmail address and I will add you. We are starting Monday and going private so get me your info and join us on living more healthy.

I'm super excited! If you want to just check it out before we begin, just look up and see what's going on. Please don't be afraid and join us. I love helping others try to be better and getting tips and support in being better myself.

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  1. I'm in! I'll see what Kyle thinks too. Yeah Kari!!