Saturday, January 26, 2013

Picture Panic

Over Christmas break, my family had some impromtu pictures taken before my brother's Eagle Court of Honor. Katrina had her new fancy camera and her fabulous photography skills and my Mom ushered us all into coordinated colors and here's what happened:

We actually got some decent family pictures! The one above isn't the greatest because of Ammon not looking, but the one below is probably one of the best ones we've ever had taken. Do you know how hard it is to get a group this big all looking at the camera AND smiling? It's exhausting. If only Scottie weren't missing, it would be perfect.

Oh man I love my family. These pictures make me smile. And despite the hassle to get us all in semi-similar outfits and working with what we had, I really like the way the colors turned out.

My mom also wanted some pictures of the her grandkids. We did the best we could with backgrounds at a church but we ended up getting some pretty cute ones.

And I think this one is pretty cute:

We also got a good picture of my parents:

We let the kids take a break because they were getting pictured-out and let them run around the gym. Katrina got some really cute candid shots.

Ammon love, love LOVES balls. And he's always got his tongue hanging out too when he's concentrating. 

I think he's going to have a pretty decent arm.

Lydia enjoys some basketball as well, but she also really loves singing and reading.

Then we tried again to get some grandparent shots, but that meant taking balls away from little boys. Which means: it didn't work out so great.

Oh how I love Grandma! I don't care if Ammon is trying not to cry, I'll love this picture forever.

We finally had to relent and let Ammon hold a ball so he would hold still instead of flail around screaming. Makes me mad. I wanted a good picture of my kids with my parents. It's not horrible, but I hate that volley ball in it.

Then we had a few more candids while waiting for Kenny's Eagle Court of Honor to begin.

Apparently, when I was playing the piano for a bit, Lydia decided to lead the music. 

What a cute girl!

And what handsome men I have in my life.

Thanks Katrina for the pictures, I love them. Better than anything I could have taken. And congrats Kenny on your Eagle!

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  1. I love these pictures! But that one of Lydia snuggling into Ammon is by far my favorite!