Friday, October 25, 2013

Preschool Field Trip 2: Thomasson Farms

We had another cold field trip come about this week. We went out to a nearby dairy farm that they turn into some harvest fun for the winter season. They use all the proceeds to keep the farm running during the spring/summer, and everything they grow and use they feed the cows with later. I was impressed with the resourcefulness.

They had the kids go around to different stations and first on the list was the corn pit. Lydia made a corn angel and they had some fun tubes that you could slide down and land in the corn pit. They grind all this corn up later and feed it to the cows.

The kids loved this one and didn't want to leave.

Next came the hay obstacle course with more tubes for sliding and lots of hay bales to climb on, jump off, and frolic about.

The preschool group of kids with Mrs. Feather

Next we got to look at some farm animals.

There were cows, donkeys, pigs, bunnies, kittens, and goats.

Then we took a hay ride to go pick out a pumpkin!

My kids pretty much picked out the first pumpkin they saw.

With some guidance we took a second look around and they picked out their favorite ones.

My favorite part was the pumpkin patch. It was fun looking at the different shapes and sizes with the kids. Ammon was very particular about which one he wanted.

Did you know that cows like to eat pumpkins? After the pumpkin patch season is over, they let the cows into the pumpkin patch to eat all the left over ones and they love it! Apparently it's a special treat.

After the hayride the kids also got another mini tractor ride. Ammon was in heaven, he had a grin on his face the whole time and was sad when it was over.

Finally, the kids had some free time to play on the playground.

We had lunch in the barn and then we went home. It was a fun trip! I was impressed with how everything was run and how useful everything was. And the prices were very reasonable! All of the activities and the pumpkin for only six dollars per kid and parents are free! They also gave the kids a complimentary chocolate milk (it was lactose free...anyone else think that's weird for a dairy farm?...) on our way out.

I think we'll visit this one again next year as a family, we had such a good time. Fall fun for the Tappanas! We're looking forward to Halloween next week.

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  1. This sounds like such a blast!! My sister Ali and I went to Wheeler Farm this week and did fun stuff but adults are not free. Which is lame, because it's all for the kids anyway. And yeah, that is way weird that the milk was lactose free haha!