Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Girls Night Out at the Corn Maze

I was excited for this last General Conference because, for once, I was going to have some ladies around from my family for girls night out during the Priesthood session. Ever since I left home, I've spend most priesthood sessions alone, moping around because I had no girls to go do something fun with. There were the couple rare occasions when it worked out and I was able to go with a sister-in-law somewhere, but mostly I sat at home and called my mom and we both grumbled about how our lives were the worst because we had no one to do anything with.

Luckily, this year I happen to live with said mother and we planned an exciting girls night out with my aunt and kids to the corn maze.

We had a good time trying to find each number in the corn maze so we could punch our maps, proving that we made it to each pit-stop.

At first we let each kid take a turn picking what way we went, but after marching down the same path for the millionth time the adults with the maps took charge. We still were having a hard time until I took things into my own hands and grabbed a map and finally figured out how to read it right so we could actually get where we wanted to go. That's right, I've got some mad navigational skills.

After the corn maze we took a hay ride. We had to wait fifteen minutes for the ride to come back around so we could get on for our turn, so I killed time taking some a couple pictures...

My  mom thought I was trying to show her something, haha!
Our hay ride took us around a field of grass or something and my mom and I agreed that they need something more Halloween-ish to look at. So instead, I entertained myself by taking more pictures:

I was threatened that I'd better not take anymore pictures of my mom after this...or else.

We had fun looking at some farm animals after the ride while my aunt perused the pumpkins and fresh produce.

Nauvoo, London, Tahiti, Ghana
We went to dinner afterwards and had a great time that night and it really set the tone for fall.

I loved spending time with my family during Conference Weekend, even though I missed the family in Utah that usually comes around during General Conference time. Conference really touched my heart. I had some questions I was really praying about and some of the talks were written just for me. I'm glad that Heavenly Father listens to my prayers and knows me and loves me enough to answer me. I'm grateful for prophets who are inspired to receive guidance to answers my prayers.

Now I'm on to becoming a better person and trying to help others. Also, check out my sweet Temple origami I tried out while listening to Conference.


  1. Sounds like you had a very fun time! My mom and sis and I were going to go to a corn maze too, but those plans fell through. Bummer. Also, Ammon all the sudden looks way big to me. He looks more like a little boy and less like a baby. Which I guess seeing as he is turning 3 in January, it makes sense.

  2. i love ammons shirt! you look like youre doing so well with the move- i know i would be if i could be closer to my mom. and i LOVE the pic of your mom when she doesnt know youre taking a pic hahha

  3. Fun! wish I could have been there! And the one of mom looking at the camera is PRICELESS! I laughed so hard :) Love you guys!