Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter Extravaganza

We had a fun Easter this year, started off with a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt put on by the Primary in our ward.

I know my kids look a little scary, but it's hard to get a decent picture in a dark room with a blinding flash going off. The idea of the glow-in-the-dark was fun - and looked super cool - but the kids and I weren't really thrilled with running around the gym and picking up eggs and glowsticks. Especially when the older kids took more than they were supposed to so Lydia didn't get very much. Luckily, some corrections were made and it all worked out, it just was a bit less fun than finding hidden eggs.

Friday night before Easter, I got in the crazy Easter-treat spirit and the kids and I created a bunch of different desserts. We made marshmallow-bark easter eggs, egg nests, and easter-shaped rice krispie treats. We only had blue and green frosting left over from previous desserts, but we made do with what we had and the kids truly loved decorating the treats.

Saturday, we carried our treats over to my parents house and had an afternoon of Easter fun.

We dyed a TON of eggs. Sadly, my skills were just missing this year. Usually I'm ok with my work, but this year I was just disgusted with myself. Honestly, Ammon made some of the most beautiful eggs this year. He loved rolling them around in the dye, and they had the most vibrant colors. He's turning out to be more artistic, which is very interesting to me. Lydia's more about rules and learning while Ammon had more coordination and arts.

I coerced my husband and brother to help with another activity I had planned for the kids. They filled 100 eggs with pieces of a puzzle and hid them around the back yard. The kids had to find all the eggs and then put the puzzle together.

I figured it would be a good activity to keep them busy, and it did.  Unfortunately, they couldn't find the last egg so the puzzle was missing one piece at the end. We later found it in an egg that had been found, just not opened.

The next day was Easter Sunday and we had a wonderful morning.

The Easter bunny filled the kids' baskets and left Easter eggs hidden around the living room. Lydia was diving under the piano find eggs, and Ammon was in all the tv cupboards. They were thrilled.

After searching for eggs, I made chocolate chip Easter bunny pancakes.

And then Brigham read the kids' new books from the Easter bunny to them.

Because it was General Conference, we didn't have to hurry to get ready for church so we were able to have a nice relaxing morning. I really enjoyed not rushing and feeling more laid back, though it was weird not to get all dressed up in Easter outfits and instead stay in sweats all day.

Between sessions, we had a break of sunshine, so I took the kids out back to try out their new tetherball.

The smart Easter bunny knew we had a tetherball pole in our backyard, with no ball to play with, and was nice enough to get one for us. After showing the kids how to play, (and getting extremely frustrated with their ineptness) I left them to learn to be brave, more their feet, and actually make contact with the ball together.

The sun became too much for their Washingtonian eyes, and they had to get sunglasses, but they had a good time. They will need much practice in the future, but playground tetherball champions are in the making :)

Later we had dinner at my parents and enjoyed family while missing our other family far away.

Besides the normal Easter activities, General Conference was wonderful. Hearing from the prophets and leaders of our church always bring such a peace to my life. I love learning what my Heavenly Father wants me to do. It was especially fitting on Easter to hear about my Savior. I felt especially grateful for His resurrection and I know I can overcome all because He lives and overcame the world and death for me. I hope you felt this peace and had a wonderful time this past Easter as well!

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