Monday, April 27, 2015

Tappana Times: Spring has Sprung

Time to catch up on a few things that's happened this spring season.

First, Ammon has been enjoying his legos as his sister ditches us for school.

Thank goodness for legos for little boys!

Then when Lydia gets home from school, we like to do a little extra math learning together.

It's hard work, all those numbers!

Brigham's been all manly mowing our lawn now that the grass is growing out of control.

Our backyard is HUGE, so it takes quite some time to get it all done.

While he's mowing, I've been cutting through my own sleeping beauty wall of thorns.

My arms were so sore from chopping with cutters, I could barely lift them for the next two days.

We've been cute...

...and crazy at costco.

And when it's been pouring outside, I've had my own tulips to keep me cheery inside.

We've had cubscout field trips to the firestation.

And it felt just like Chicago Fire...if you happen to watch that show...

Spring break came and started with the most wonderful day to the Tulip Gardens and Deception Pass in Skagit County.

Tulips are my favorite flower, and I loved every second of this place. It was SO beautiful!

The kids tired of tulips shortly, but I could have stayed much longer.

After the tulips, we went to a nearby state park that we enjoy - Deception Pass.

You can walk out on this huge bridge over the pass and the view is incredible.

There are tons of hikes that you can do that lead you all over the area, and we hiked down to play at the beach.

One of my favorite days, and a perfect way to start spring break.

For the rest of spring break we did yard work, and went to the park,

and to a bounce house I found on Groupon.

I was sad when school had to start again. I loved having my kids home with me all week doing whatever we wanted, it reminded me of simpler times.

With school picking back up, Lydia also started dance.

She has two friends from our ward that joined the class with us and so that's been extra fun.

Ammon finally had an activity of his own starting soccer.

This last Saturday Ammon manged to go the whole practice without touching the ball with his hands, now we just have to get him to run faster with the ball and actually kick it like it counts into the goal.

Lydia and I have fun being Ammon's cheerleader section.

Sometimes Ammon needs a cheerleader because he gets in a funk. Like this Sunday when he was pouting on the couch because he was ready to go and no one else was. Thinking he looked hilarious, I got out the camera, but Ammon was not amused and wanted no part of his picture being taken.

I got the hand. I think we all have those days.


  1. those tulips are so beautiful! you live in a very beautiful place! and im so excited for dance and soccer practices- thats whats so fun about kids! all the fun activities!

  2. Your backyard is huge!! I want it!! I sure wish I could see Lydia dance and Ammon play Soccer.