Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Craftiness:A Golden Birthday Banner

This post has been a long time comin', but since I'm really not very crafty and I'm really not very good at documenting what I do, I've been putting it off.

However, I did want to write about the birthday banner I made for my daughter's sixth birthday because I was a little impressed with my ingenuity of using cheap finds and supplies I already had.

Here are the supplies I used:

Plain white computer paper
Gold glitter glue from the dollar store
some gold sparkly scrapbook paper
Gold table doilies found in the wedding section at walmart
Gold ribbon.

And here's what I did:

First I printed off the letters for Happy Birthday on paper and then cut them out holding the gold scrapbook paper behind them so the letters would come out in the gold.

Once all my letters were cut out I took the table doilies, laid them out on the plain white paper and then used the glitter glue on the edges of the doilies to glue them onto the paper.

The paper wasn't quite big enough for the whole circle, but I decided to just make that the top of my circles where I would string the ribbon through. I let the glue dry overnight and then cut the circles out just outside the gold glue.

After cutting out the circles I glued the letters on.

Then I took a hole punch and punched two holes in the top and threaded ribbon through each of the circles. I didn't take pictures of this, but I will say because I used regular paper and not cardstock, this part was difficult because I had to make sure not to rip or bend the circles too much as I threaded the ribbon through. The doilies glued to the paper reinforced it enough for the banner, but it was still a bit touchy during the ribbon threading.

But I loved the finished product!

The banner was a lot bigger than I expected!

I also hung up white balloons with lots of curling gold ribbon hanging down at the ends of the banner, and looked really good, but I didn't get a picture of it. Just imagine some more of the balloons in the picture below, at the ends.

It set the tone perfectly for my girl's golden birthday party.

I've already used the banner again for my mom's birthday and a relief society birthday dinner. It's easy to store because I just stack the circles on top of each other when I'm done. And it only cost around six dollars to make.

So that's about as crafty as I've been lately, making a simple birthday banner. It's not super fancy, but the price was right and it worked perfect for me.

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  1. Its super cute!! I'm even less crafty than you...I probably wouldn't have even made it!