Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lydia's Year in Kindergarten

One benefit of having a fantastic kindergarten teacher that we love, is said teacher taking the time to pull out each of Lydia's pictures throughout the year and email them to me. Isn't Mrs. Riggs awesome? Because of that I have pictures to document all the fun things that Lydia did her first year of school. And boy did they do some fun stuff!

From the first day of school coloring Mickey Mouse pictures,

and getting a picture with Minnie Mouse,

to making new friends,

and learning numbers.

Lydia had lots of fun fall activities like making apple crisp that was "sooo good",

taking a turn to draw on the white board,

and having Mom come for the pumpkin day,

AND Halloween party.

Art projects with leaves and being thankful,

Turned into winter boots,

and reindeer antlers.

A first field trip to the Children's Museum

came after bowling day,

and was quickly followed by a Christmas party where Mom got to come again.

The Seahawks first made it to the Playoffs and then won the Superbowl, causing all sorts of celebration,

and more art projects were accomplished.

Crazy hair day came and went,

and so did the 100th day.

Spring came and brought a pajama birthday party for Mrs. Riggs,

 a Three Piggy Opera,

and science workshops with chicks hatching from eggs,

tadpoles turning into frogs, and caterpillars that escaped from cocoons to be released by the class outside as butterflies.

With spring also came the last field trip to the zoo,

and sadly the last day of school.

We are so sad to say goodbye to Mrs. Riggs. She was the best! Truly a star in our books. Lydia loved kindergarten and was sad to say goodbye, but is super excited to start first grade and go to school "the whole day!"

Mom has other feelings about that, but we're just focusing on enjoying the summer together for now. :) It was a great first year of school and this little lady sure did good.


  1. holy cow, she did a lot! what a fun k teacher!!

  2. What a fun year!! she is just too big though! I especially love that sassy picture of her pointing to her snow boots.