Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tappana Times: June 2015

In June we celebrated a couple of family member's birthdays - which means Google chatting with party hats...and general party hat silliness:

Ryan's birthday was celebrated with some brotherly back-scratching and a thumbs up of success from Ryan.

Ryan also did a great job in the Maple Valley Parade playing the clarinet and marching in the marching band.

June FINALLY brought the end of school, and I got to see how big my kids have grown throughout the year.

It was a really great year for Lydia in school (see previous post) and it was a bittersweet day.

But she sure looked cute!

Boy has my boy matured this year, almost learning all his sight words and finally getting the spelling of his name down.

And boy is he adorable!

Along with school ending, Lydia finished off dance with a dazzling recital.

Unfortunately, you can't really make her out in this video, but she's in the middle in the front.

With soccer, school, and dance ending, swimming lessons began.

Lydia and Ammon were in the same class this year and they did well. I was really impressed with them on the last day when they jumped off the diving platforms in the deep end over and over again, despite being terrified.

Summer has let us start fun trips to places like the Tacoma Children's Museum.

And it's also brought the heat! In Washington, hardly anyone has air conditioning because usually temperatures usually peak in the 80's and summers are usually perfect. However, this year we've been in the 90's for weeks now and that means, we are ROASTING!

Luckily, my parent's new house has air conditioning, so they gave us their portable ac and it saved my life.

That 84 is what temperature the ac brought my room down to and it was HEAVENLY. In the afternoons the kids and I just hang out together in my room, and in the evenings we hop and skip over to my parents to enjoy true air conditioning. The real kicker: there's no end of this heat wave in sight. Usually we have one week of this in August. It's only June.

Well, June is actually over and July has exciting things in sight. So if we survive the heat, stay tuned for our adventures ahead.


  1. UGH i am sorry about the heat- i am roasting too. we hit 113 most days but EVERYONE here has ac. plus you have humidity which is basically the devil's shower. ammon does look so much bigger! your kids are darling!

  2. I can't believe how big your kids are!! And man, Lydia is so beautiful and Ammon is super handsome! I sure wish all us Tappanas could get together this summer for some fun. We miss you guys!!