Tuesday, September 1, 2015

24 Week Growth Spurt

Since it's been so long since I've been pregnant, I've forgotten all the different changes that happen at the different weeks. It's made me wish I had done a better job documenting it all before so I could go back and read more of what to expect with my body. So I'll just have to start now with this one!

As of today I am 24 weeks and 6 days along. I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and was lucky to get a bonus ultrasound so they could check to make sure my placenta had moved up, since last time it was closer to my cervix.

I asked the ultrasound tech if it's still a boy, so she tried to look again, but he had his legs clenched together. I said, "So you're telling me there's a chance," to which the tech answered, "We can't get a good look, but I'm still pretty sure it's a boy."


This little guy has jumped from the 55th percentile to the 69th in the last month and is as active as ever. In fact, I believe he's the most active baby I've had. I swear he started moving earlier and hasn't stopped. But I can't be positive that I just don't remember.

I could tell a growth spurt happened from all the pulling and tugging and aching of my ligaments. Previously I've never had bad ligament pain, but this pregnancy I've felt every stretch.

I'm also popping out much more so people are actually noticing that I'm pregnant. Most days I still just look fat. I hate that awkward in-between stage.

Along with my popping belly, I had a whopping eight pound weight gain this last month. Woah! That only puts me six pounds away from how much I wanted to gain total. Hahaha, fat chance now. However, I do remember from Lydia and Ammon's pregnancies that I would gain a lot one month and then only a couple pounds the next. HOPEFULLY that's the case this time too. And while I blame this gain on a growing baby, it might also have to do with the entire bag of chips and dip I polished off with my brother in one sitting....

Breathlessness has been another new companion this time around. I hear it's common, but it's new for me. I hate sitting in church or laying in bed and feeling like I just walked up five flights of stairs. I'm just sitting there! Imagine what it's like when I actually do go up five flights of stairs!

Also, my nausea used to disappear completely, but this time it hangs around after I eat. Especially breakfast. Blech. It's not too bad, but really I could go without. The accompanying heartburn is nothing new.

Despite all my complaining, I'm really happy that everything is looking good. My placenta has moved higher and we're moving along. Next month's doctor's appointment includes the wonderful glucose test, so I'm hoping I pass and that my baby's not getting big because I've got a case of the diabetes.

Most people want to know if we have a name and we sure do. Despite lack of popularity among friends and family, we have settled on Kendrick Nelson Tappana. I love it. And yes I know Kendrick is some black rapper these days, but NO that does not mean it's a black name. Actually, it's an old Gaelic/Scottish/Wales name and has been since medieval times. In fact it means "royal chieftain" or "royal power" or "family ruler". That's what finally sealed the deal for Brigham. He had been wavering on the name, but such manly meanings can't be passed up.

This pregnancy seems to be taking forever, and I'm incredibly more impatient this time. I used to really savor being pregnant in the past and didn't feel rushed at all. This time I'm working on enjoying the moment, and giving all my attention to my two beautiful children before life as they know it changes with a new brother. All the new babies born lately sure makes it hard to wait for December though!


  1. Yay and update! But I'm with you on this thing taking forever. I'm the last one due of everyone on both sides of the family. As all these babies come, its just going to get harder and harder. I'm glad everything is going well for you and that he is such a wiggler. That is a good sign!! yay for baby boys!!

  2. I guess with all that moving you can reassure Mom that he's not going to be a "slug" :) I am so excited to meet little Kendrick!!

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  4. You look amazing Kari! And I love the name!

  5. i love the name kendrick! i cant believe people are telling you they dont like it- what happened to tact? i think its regal. and you are tiny!