Tuesday, September 29, 2015

First Days of School

I can't believe how fast this summer flew by. I knew it would because I was dreading Lydia starting first grade. A WHOLE day away from me? Unacceptable.

However, she was ready, and excited, and I knew it was the first of many hurdles I would have to jump as a mother.

It all went off so much more flawlessly than I thought. It was as though she never even left school. And while the afternoons are long without her, as long as I don't focus on missing her, things are good. She a natural-born schooler.

The second week of school was when I could tell the whole-day had finally caught up to her. She was a little more tired and cranky, and some tears when I was leaving for an evening meeting warmed my heart as she explained, "I just don't get to see you as much anymore, I don't like when you leave at night."

Despite that, Lydia has loved transitioning to hot lunch at school and looks forward to every Friday - Pizza Day!

A couple weeks after Lydia started school, Ammon was thrilled for his turn for his FIRST time to have a first day: preschool!

Hardly able to contain his excitement, we had a fun time taking pictures, though Ammon just wanted to get in the car and go!

Preschool is every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30-2:55 pm. Until this baby comes, that means some alone time for just mommy. I joke around with my kids and pretend cry about missing them and being all alone, but of course it's pretty great.

Ammon is especially enjoying the social aspect of preschool, being in a class of eight boys with his best friend, Hyrum, included in the bunch. And though he already is reading, practicing his writing skills and artwork is something I'm happy to have someone else help with.

As school began this month, we've been adjusting and learning and transitioning. But with these two adorable kids, it's pretty easy.

Man I love them.


  1. What cuties! it would be so hard to see them grow up, but you've done such a great job :) Miss you!!

  2. They are some good looking kids! I can't believe how big they both look. And that alone time? I'm so jealous!!! Glad they are having a good time at scool!

  3. i am quite jealous of your alone time. all day is quite the transition but i bet your kids will do great. how are our babies so old?!